The Latest B2B Email Marketing Trends

The Latest Trends in B2B Email Marketing

At the same time that email marketing is becoming more complex, all of the issues surrounding it are becoming more interconnected. That is strikingly apparent when looking at the latest B2B email marketing trends identified by members of Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Expert Services team, which assist Eloqua customers with all aspects of their email programs.

Oracle’s Autumn Coleman, Kim Roman, Cristal Foster, Chris Carlock, Fabricio J. Lopez, and Otilia Antipa talk about this interconnected chain of current B2B email marketing trends, which includes:

  • Compliance Automation
  • More Active Management of Inactives
  • Stronger Opt-ins
  • Growing Adoption of Preference Centers
  • Hyper-Personalization
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Smart Trigger Timing
  • AI Helps Do It All Better
  • Data Warehouse Integrations
  • Embracing B2C Strategies & Tools

For a discussion of each of these B2B email marketing trends…

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The Last Word on April 2019

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

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Target, 4/26 – Preview the vineyard vines for Target collection, arriving 5/18
Kohl’s, 4/4 – 20% off + $5 + Kohl’s Cash = (sorry, too busy shopping to do math)
Gap, 4/23 – Pick a number between 40 and 70 (hint: savings involved)
Petco, 4/11 – Enter for a chance to win a year’s supply of pet food!**
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Victoria’s Secret, 4/12 – All about that sets appeal…
Feeding America, 4/23 – This does not belong in the trash
Harley-Davidson, 4/15 – The Builders Behind The Bikes + Snag Your H-D Extreme Cooler Tote
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The Pros and Cons of AMP for Email

When Retina Images Should Be Used in Emails and When They Shouldn’t

How Marketers Can Adapt to Voice-Assistants Reading Emails

The Last Word on March 2019

The Pros and Cons of AMP for Email

AMP for Email: The Pros and Cons for Marketers

Subscribers expect email content to cater to their individual needs and circumstances. They have the same expectations of email design, which is why we’ve spent the better part of the past decade making our emails mobile-friendly.

Email interactivity and now AMP for Email are the next waves in this tidal trend of creating individually compelling email experiences based on each subscriber’s behavior and email reading environment.

While AMP for Email offers many benefits, there are challenges, as Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Henry Alva, Heather Goff, and Jennifer Lancaster Dana explain. Those challenges include:

  • Marketers need to learn the AMP for Email coding language.
  • It requires a new MIME type to be written and QAed.
  • It requires email service providers to support the new MIME type.
  • To render this MIME type, Google requires that senders maintain a positive Gmail sending reputation.
  • It will change subscriber behavior and metrics.
  • AMP for Email may fail.

To learn more about these challenges, as well as all the benefits of AMP for Email…

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

When to Use Retina Images in Emails and When to Avoid Them

Because of the prevalence of high-DPI screens, marketers need to use retina images to ensure that their emails look crisp and not cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that every image in an email needs to be a retina image.

Marketers should use retina images in their emails only when it creates a significantly better experience in terms of readability or impression. Otherwise, they should avoid them.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Kathryn Alva, Patrick Colalillo, and I explain exactly why that is and exactly when to use retina images, but first let’s be clear about what we mean by a retina image…

>> Read the entire post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

The Last Word on March 2019

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

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Insightful & entertaining tweets

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Democrats, 3/14 – The youngest, most diverse group of women elected to Congress
Horchow, 3/12 – Your guide to the 2019 design trends
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Garnet Hill, 3/12 – Spring is eco-friendly – and embroidered!
Banana Republic, 3/10 – This denim jacket = spring’s perfect layer
Banana Republic, 3/20 – When it’s too warm for a jacket, try a cardigan…
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Nordstrom Rack, 3/24 – There’s no place like out of office
Saks Fifth Avenue, 3/29 – These dresses guarantee a glamorous evening
Express, 3/14 – What every gentleman, scholar and NBA Game Changer has in his closet
Saks Fifth Avenue, 3/12 – 3 weekend-ready looks whatever your plans may be
Feeding America, 3/29 – Three awesome ways to fight hunger in your own community
Levi’s Blog, 3/12 – Our top 4 stories, ready for reading
Democrats, 3/12 – This is a long email, Chad, but what’s inside is important
Petco, 3/7 – The magic of tidying up your dog’s space
ModCloth, 3/19 – A peek behind this month’s collection
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9 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still the King of Customer Engagement

Demand Gen Report: B2B Marketers Integrating Email with Other Channels to Boost Performance

Webinar Recording + Q&A: The Trends & Strategies That Will Shape Your Email Program in 2019

Voice-Assistants Reading Emails: How Marketers Can Adapt

The launch of the Apple iPhone in 2007 prompted a decade-long effort for marketers to make their emails mobile-friendly. The rise of voice-assistants will likely have a similar impact on email marketers, although less tectonic and probably much messier.

In this blog post, Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Kathryn Alva, Henry Alva, and Kristin McCambridge look at:

  • The rise of voice-assistants reading emails
  • The limitations of voice-assistants in terms of interacting with emails
  • How voice-assistants read emails
  • How voice-assistants handle emojis, special characters, creative spacing, and other subject line and copy issues
  • How email accessibility can help voice-assistants read your emails correctly
  • How the order of table cells and content blocks affect the reading of emails
  • Plus some examples of subject lines and how voice-assistants read them

For all of this and more…

>> Read the full post on the Oracle Modern Marketing Blog

Email Deliverability Quarterly: Gmail’s TensorFlow, VMG Supports List-Unsubscribe, and More

Email deliverability is constantly changing, as inbox providers adjust their filtering algorithms, blacklists tweak their listing criteria, and consumers evolve their definition of spam. That’s why even the best email marketing programs suffer deliverability problems sometimes.

To help you avoid trouble, the deliverability practice at Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting (OMCC) shares the latest news and tips for what to watch out for in our inaugural Email Deliverability Quarterly.

In this post, Dan Deneweth, Heather Goff, Clea Moore, and Brian Sullivan explain how the following will impact marketers’ email deliverability:

  • Gmail Rolls Out TensorFlow AI to Filter More Spam
  • Verizon Media Group Announces Support for List-Unsubscribe
  • Verizon Media Group Launches Postmaster Site
  • Return Path Losing Gmail Panel Data

For the full discussion of each of these issues…

>> Read the entire post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

Mobile Matters - Chad White

How many times have you seen a headline claiming that email is dead? You’ve likely seen this headline countless times and probably have clicked on a few articles about it, too. However, the truth of the matter is that email is NOT actually dead and is very much alive.

I drove this point home when I spoke with Stephanie Cox, the host of the Mobile Matters podcast. However, we talked about a wide range of topics, including…

  • How I got my start in email marketing
  • The biggest changes to email marketing over the past decade
  • What has driven changes at inbox providers and regulators
  • How to measure email marketing success
  • Best practices for mobile email design
  • The impact of smartwatches

For a full discussion of each of those topics and more…

>> Listen to the podcast 

Why Email Is Still the King of Customer Engagement

So many things were supposed to make email obsolete: Facebook, Slack, mobile push—even RSS was once talked about as an email-killer. It turns out that pronouncing email dead is simply a common marketing ploy rather than any kind of market reality.

Email marketing’s return on investment remains stellar, returning $38 for every dollar invested it, according to Litmus research. And market buzz is coming back around on email. For instance, The Wall Street Journal recently called email The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People and The Guardian says that nothing will replace email “in the near future, and probably not in the far future.”

Why is email marketing so powerful? Here are our top 9 reasons:

  1. Email is ubiquitous. Everyone has an account (or two) and uses it.
  2. Email is the account of record.
  3. Email is the most preferred channel for brand communications.
  4. Email is an open platform that no one owns, which keeps costs low.
  5. Email supports rich content, allowing highly engaging experiences.

For the remaining four reasons, and for a discussion of each reason…

>> Read the full post on the Oracle Modern Marketing Blog

Integration With Social, SMS & Other Channels Improving Relevance & Results From Email Campaigns

Email continues to be the top channel marketers use to drive demand, according to Demand Gen Report’s 2019 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey. But B2B marketers are increasingly integrating email marketing with their efforts in social, SMS, push, and other channels to maximize the impact.

“I have so many clients asking about integrating additional channels, such as social, SMS and direct mail, with their email marketing,” Kim Roman, Senior Principal Consultant for Oracle Expert Services, told Demand Gen Report. “Many are looking to apps that integrate directly with their email marketing platforms, so they can either use email to follow up, continue the conversation from other channels or interact with customers/prospects via other channels based on their interaction with emails.”

Adopting an ABM-based approach can take your program up a notch and improve performance. But if you are not in a position yet to make the technological leap to omnichannel campaigns, I explain that you can ready your organization by breaking down silos and better sharing cross-channel insights internally.

I advise email marketers to meet regularly with their marketing counterparts in social, SEM, advertising, print and elsewhere to share insights. Use email to test messaging and imagery and then use the winner in a print campaign. Use keywords that are performing well in search in the subject lines of your emails. Person-to-person knowledge sharing is a great way to lay the organizational groundwork for working toward a sophisticated omnichannel future.

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