Marketing Experts

Brilliant People to Follow and Learn from

My views are the culmination of a thousand conversations I’ve had over the past two decades with hundreds of marketers, consultants, and other folks inside and outside the email marketing industry.

Throughout the 4th Edition of Email Marketing Rules, I include quotes from colleagues, fellow authors, and other marketing experts whom I respect. And in the Acknowledgments of my book, I tip my hat to some of the people that have influenced me most. Below you can find details about many of them, including where to read their best stuff and how to connect with them.

Jay Baer, 6-time author of Talk Triggers, Hug Your Haters, and Youtility / LinkedIn / Twitter @jaybaer

Ann Handley, 2-time author of Everybody Writes / LinkedIn / Twitter @MarketingProfs

Joe Pulizzi, 6-time author of Killing Marketing, Epic Content Marketing, and Content Inc. / LinkedIn / Twitter @JoePulizzi 

April Mullen, Co-Founder of Women in Email / LinkedIn /Twitter @aprildmullen

Mike Nelson, Co-Founder of Really Good Emails / LinkedIn

Kath Pay, author of Holistic Email Marketing / LinkedIn / Twitter @kathpay

Jeanne Jennings, General Manager of Only Influencers / LinkedIn / Twitter @jeajen

Pam Lord / LinkedIn

Clint Kaiser / LinkedIn

Daniel Deneweth / LinkedIn / Twitter @danielrpco

Heather Goff / LinkedIn

Andy Crestodina / LinkedIn / Twitter @crestodina

Brian Clark / LinkedIn / Twitter @BrianClark

Matthew Vernhout / LinkedIn / Twitter @emailkarma

Karen Talavera / LinkedIn / Twitter @SyncMarketing

Al Iverson, Publisher of / LinkedIn / Twitter @spamresource

Dela Quist / LinkedIn / Twitter @DelaQuist

Ryan Phelan / LinkedIn / Twitter @ryanpphelan 

Chris Marriott / LinkedIn / Twitter @CSMarriott

Laura Atkins, Co-Founder of Women of Email / LinkedIn

Jen Capstraw, Co-Founder of Women of Email / LinkedIn / Twitter @jencapstraw

Lauren Meyer / LinkedIn / Twitter @LaurenEmailGeek

Kristin Bond,  Co-Founder of Women in Email / LinkedIn / Twitter @EmailSnarketing

Elliot Ross / LinkedIn / Twitter @iamelliot

Mark Robbins / LinkedIn / Twitter @M_J_Robbins

Anne Tomlin / LinkedIn / Twitter @pompeii79

Megan Boshuyzen / LinkedIn / Twitter @megbosh

Jordie van Rijn / LinkedIn / Twitter @jvanrijn

Dan Oshinsky / LinkedIn / Twitter @danoshinsky

Val Geisler / LinkedIn / Twitter @lovevalgeisler

Andrew Bonar, Founder at emailexpert / LinkedIn / Twitter @andrewbonar

Justine Jordan / LinkedIn

Jason Rodriguez, author of Modern HTML Email / LinkedIn

Jeffrey K. Rohrs, author of AUDIENCE / LinkedIn / Twitter @jkrohrs 

Mathew Sweezey, author of The Context Marketing Revolution and Marketing Automation for Dummies LinkedIn / Twitter @msweezey 

Simms Jenkins, author of The New Inbox and The Truth about Email Marketing / LinkedIn / Twitter @SimmsJenkins

Dr. Dave Chaffey / LinkedIn / Twitter @DaveChaffey

Dennis Dayman / LinkedIn / Twitter @ddayman

Scott Hardigree, Publisher of / LinkedIn / Twitter @indiescott

Spencer Kollas / LinkedIn / Twitter @spencerkollas

Tim Watson / LinkedIn

Jordan Cohen / LinkedIn

Kristina Huffman / LinkedIn / Twitter @krudz 

Len Shneyder / LinkedIn

Morgan Stewart / LinkedIn

Derek Harding / LinkedIn

Andrew Kordek / LinkedIn

Alex Williams / LinkedIn / Twitter @alexcwilliams  

Kara Trivunovic / LinkedIn 

It almost goes without saying that there are many more great people in the email marketing industry that also deserve your attention. These are just some of my personal favorites. I recommend following these folks and then anyone who they interact with regularly.