Outstanding Email Marketing Examples

Real-world examples to get you inspired

To demonstrate the concepts, tactics, and strategies discussed in the 3rd Edition of Email Marketing Rules, I’ve pulled together Outstanding Email Marketing Examples of…

Use these real-world examples to inspire your own campaigns, and share them with your boss to help lobby for program changes and tests.


Outstanding Email Marketing Examples of List Growth Tactics

Not all subscribers are equally valuable or desirable. The best subscriber acquisition sources are closest to your shopping and customer service operations. And the most effective email signups are prominent, clearly articulate the benefits of signing up, and keep the signup barrier low, as these examples do…


Outstanding Email Marketing Examples of Defensive Design

Defensive design consists of design techniques that allow an email to communicate its message effectively when images are blocked, which is still a relatively common occurrence, unfortunately. These examples use HTML text, alt text, background colors, and more to get their point across without images…


Outstanding Email Marketing Examples of Breakout Designs

Having a consistent email design is brand-building, makes you more recognizable in the inbox, and creates familiarity. However, it can also give your subscribers the false impression that all your messages are equally important. Here are some ways to break out of your template-induced rut…


Outstanding Email Marketing Examples of Lifecycle Messaging

Lifecycle Messaging consists of targeted emails that are sent in response to a subscriber’s action, inaction, or need. These messages help accomplish the goals of the various stages of the Subscriber Lifecycle…


Outstanding Email Marketing Examples of Subject Lines

Even when you understand that the goal of a subject line is to generate openers who are likely to convert, that subject lines can drive offline action, and that preview text is important, there’s no secret formula for subject line and preview text success. However, there is a list of ingredients that are easily remembered as the CUE-DIVE Method. CUE-DIVE classifies subject line and preview text content as being Contextual, Urgent, Emotional, Detailed, Intriguing, Visual, or Earned. Find the mix your subscribers respond to best, and use these examples to help guide you…


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