Continued Marketing Investments More Vital Now than during Past Downturns

Continued Marketing Investments Are More Vital Now than during Past Downturns

When times get tough, brands rely even more on their marketing efforts. That’s because, as everyone knows, it’s far easier to generate sales from existing customers than to acquire new ones. As we head into an expected downcycle with reduced advertising spending, companies will need to mitigate the contraction in sales through…

Uplers: 2023 Email Marketing Predictions from 23 Experts

23 Experts Share Email Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2023

I join 22 other email experts in sharing my predictions for 2023. My predictions focus on customer data platforms (CDPs) and on Brand Indicators For Message Identification (BIMI). While I encourage you to click through and see what I say about those two promising technologies, I also encourage you to read the…

Webbula: Based on Past Economic Downturns, How Should Marketers Approach This One?

Based on Past Economic Downturns, How Should Marketers Approach This One?

I join 11 other email experts in this Webbula roundup as we answer the question: How have your prior encounters enriched and modified your marketing approaches to prepare for an economic downturn? My answer focuses on my observations from the 2008-09 recession. Based on that, I recommend that brands consider: Upping their…

How to Fill Your Digital Marketing Content Calendar in 8 Steps

How to Fill Your Digital Marketing Content Calendar

A blank content calendar can be daunting. Here’s the 8-step approach that Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Creative Services team uses to build out content plans with our clients. Let’s start with major events that typically involve campaigns that last weeks or even months. These are our tentpole campaigns around which we build our…

First Quarter 2023 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

First Quarter 2023 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

The holiday season doesn’t have an off-season. Having a successful holiday season means executing a successful four-quarter strategy. Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives you a quarter-by-quarter plan for how to achieve more during the critical holiday season with your digital marketing efforts. The first quarter is focused on seizing opportunities,…

The Newest Automation Trigger: Internet-Connected Devices

The Newest Messaging Automation Trigger- Internet-Connected Devices

Automated messages can be triggered by a vast range of behaviors and events. In our Oracle Consulting Checklist of Automated Campaign Ideas to Explore (free, no-form download), we identify more than 110 triggered campaigns—and that’s independent from the channel you’d use for your message, any segmentation you’d do, and how you’d treat…

Visual Branding in Email Marketing: 7 Elements to Optimize

Visual Branding in Email Marketing- 7 Elements to Optimize

Wherever your customer is, in whatever channel they’re engaging with your brand, you want that experience to feel consistent and unified. Visual branding is the critical first step in creating that feel, as consumers will immediately perceive major disconnects. In your email marketing program, visual branding is important for two strategic reasons….

The Last Word on December 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month… Must-read articles, posts & reports Black Friday Email Breakdown: What Happened and What it Means for Senders in 2023 (Validity) Email Marketers Seek New Standards for Authentication (AdWeek) Privacy Scofflaws: Few Firms Are Complying With CCPA And…

Content Calendar Assistant 2023

2023 Content Calendar Assistant

Everybody can use a little help coming up with content ideas. And everybody can use a heads up to make sure they don’t look foolish or insensitive by launching campaigns that clash with US or international holidays, occasions, or events. Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Content Calendar Assistant provides that help. To aid you…

Email Marketing Font Stacks: Defining Your Font-Family

Email Marketing Font Stacks- Defining Your Font-Family

Picking fonts for the HTML or live text in your marketing emails isn’t like picking fonts for a direct mail piece, which allows for nearly infinite choices. The spectrum of inboxes across which your emails are viewed by your subscribers place limitations on your font options. At the same time, the richness…