Uplers: 2023 Email Marketing Predictions from 23 Experts

23 Experts Share Email Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2023

I join 22 other email experts in sharing my predictions for 2023. My predictions focus on customer data platforms (CDPs) and on Brand Indicators For Message Identification (BIMI). While I encourage you to click through and see what I say about those two promising technologies, I also encourage you to read the other predictions.

In particular, I urge you to check out those from…

  • Jordie van Rijn, who talks about prompt craft and how email marketers will take on other similar channels like SMS and mobile push
  • Kath Pay, who predicts a stronger focus on automation, including A/B testing it, which powerful and yet very underutilized
  • Shmuel Herschberg, who says marketers will make greater use of replies, which are potent engagement signals that most programs not only ignore, but actively discourage
  • Darrell Alfonso, who predicts that email platforms will improve their integration with other suites and that long-form emails will grow
  • Mrugesh Dabhi, who says marketers will focus more on storytelling, user-generated content, and optimizing their unsubscribe processes for better retention

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