The Evolving Use of the Email Snooze

The Evolving Use of Snooze in Email Marketing

The email snooze began humbly as a way to reduce unsubscribes during brands’ highest volume times of the year. Positioned before “unsubscribe” on the unsubscribe page, the snooze option would let a subscriber pause their subscription for, say, 30 days or until the end of the selling season, such as the holiday…

How to Define Active Email Audiences as Opens Depreciate + Priorities for a Mail Privacy Protection World On-Demand Webinar

Priorities for a Mail Privacy Protection World on-demand webinar

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) will likely only be the first mailbox provider to flood marketers’ systems with fake opens, obscuring real ones. Welcome to the Age of Email Open Depreciation. Although far from perfect, opens were email marketers’ most frequent signal of engagement, generally clocking in at about eight times the…

ZeroBounce: How to Make Your Holiday Emails Stand Out

Holiday Email Marketing Tips- How to Make Your Emails Stand Out This Year

The holiday season can be overwhelming for email marketers. Most B2C marketers create and send considerably more campaigns and they’re full of worries. In addition to fearing that their increased email volumes will trigger spam filters, they worry about whether their emails will stand out in crowded holiday inboxes. To gather the…

5 Best Practices to Make Your Customer Experiences Truly Mobile-Friendly

5 Best Practices to Make Your Customer Experiences Truly Mobile-Friendly

Nearly every site is now responsive, and most emails are, too. But just because a brand is using responsive design doesn’t mean that they’re providing a mobile-friendly experience. Responsive design functionality doesn’t take the place of mobile-friendly design principles. Brands need to use them both. Here are some easy-to-implement mobile-friendly best practices…

Webbula: 2022 Email Marketing Predictions from the Email Experts

2022 Email Marketing Predictions from the Email Experts

While marketers are deep into holiday planning and execution, as soon as the holiday madness ends, marketers will shift to making new year preparations. To get a sense of where email marketing is headed in 2022, Webbula reached out to me and 10 other email marketing experts: Shmuel Hershberg, Shyn Media Komal…

The Last Word on October 2021

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month… Must-read articles, posts & reports The Trust Delusion: Consumers Have Less Faith in Brands Than Brands Think They Do (Email Insider) 8 Tips to Turn Subscribers into Loyalists (Only Influencers) Post-Purchase Emails: 12 Ways to Drive Customer…

10 Common Email Marketing Mistakes that Are Easy to Fix

10 Common Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Easy to Fix

Email marketing is complicated. Deliverability is governed by numerous factors and subfactors. The potential for email rendering problems is mind-bogglingly large. And email technology and tactical issues continue to evolve. However, not everything in email is complex. Some aspects are quite simple—and yet some companies still regularly struggle with them. In most…


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