ZeroBounce: How to Make Your Holiday Emails Stand Out

Holiday Email Marketing Tips- How to Make Your Emails Stand Out This Year

The holiday season can be overwhelming for email marketers. Most B2C marketers create and send considerably more campaigns and they’re full of worries. In addition to fearing that their increased email volumes will trigger spam filters, they worry about whether their emails will stand out in crowded holiday inboxes.

To gather the best advice on creating standout holiday campaigns, ZeroBounce spoke with me and 11 other email experts. My advice is centered on simplicity.

“When someone is subscribed to your promotional emails during the holidays, then you’ve already won half the battle for their attention. You’re already on their mind and under consideration, I say.

“Contrary to what you might think, the next step in getting their attention isn’t something outlandish. During the holiday season, when people are extra busy and getting more emails than at any other time of the year, simple messages win.

To read all of my advice, plus the great recommendations from the other contributors…

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