How to Simplify Your Martech Stack: 3 Approaches

How to Simplify Your Martech Stack: 3 Approaches

Marketing technology stacks are very complicated. Like credit-card-fine-print complicated or teen-brain complicated. With very few exceptions, the marketers I speak with are eager for greater simplification, says Clint Kaiser, Head of Analytic & Strategic Services at Oracle Marketing Consulting. They want to accomplish their marketing goals without having to navigate a spaghetti-works…

The 7 Factors that Determine Email Deliverability

The 7 Factors That Determine Email Deliverability

Poor email deliverability can be costly, causing a brand’s emails to end up in the spam folder or blocked entirely instead of reaching their subscribers. While deliverability can sometimes feel out of a business’s control, inbox placement is actually governed by seven factors, all of which are directly or indirectly under their…

Holiday Marketing Quarterly: First Quarter 2020 Checklist

Oracle's Holiday Marketing Quarterly

Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives B2C brands a quarter-by-quarter checklist for how to achieve more during the critical holiday season with their email marketing and other digital marketing channels. Along with guidance on planning, strategy, and prioritization, you’ll get advice and tips from some of Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s more than 500…

On-Demand Webinar: The Future…Delayed – The Forces that Keep Brands from Being Aligned with Consumer Behaviors

The Future...Delayed: The Forces that Keep Brands from Being Aligned with Consumer Behaviors

The goal of every brand is to be relevant to consumers and aligned with consumer behaviors. That’s why brands launched ecommerce sites as the internet became an increasingly common place to shop. That’s why brands made their emails mobile-friendly as smartphones became an increasingly common way to read emails. And that’s why…

Why Building Homegrown Email Platforms Is So Out of Favor

Why Hardly Any Brands Ever Build Homegrown Email Platforms Anymore

Build or buy? When it comes to email marketing platforms, it’s a question that brands rarely bother to ask themselves anymore because nearly everyone buys. And when brands do seriously ask themselves this question, it’s exceedingly rare for them to actually choose to go down the build road. According to Litmus’s State…

Webinar Recording + Q&A: The Trends & Strategies That Will Shape Your Email Program in 2019

The Trends and Strategies that Will Shape Your Email Program in 2019

The email industry is constantly changing, and keeping up with what’s new can feel like an impossible task. Join me, Campaign Monitor’s Logan Baird, and Litmus’ Jason Rodriguez, Alice Li, and Bettina Specht as we break down the key insights from Litmus’ 2019 State of Email Report, explain the trends that are…

Webinar Recording and Q&A: The Trends Transforming the Email Service Provider Landscape

The Trends Transforming the Email Service Provider Landscape webinar recording

Email service providers are the technological foundation of the email industry—and the biggest line item in email marketing budgets. With so much on the line, it’s no surprise that frustrations with ESPs run high. In this webinar, Community & Product Evangelist Jason Rodriguez and I share findings from our first-ever State of…

Switching ESPs: What You Should Expect

What to Expect When Switching ESPs

More than 28% of brands dropped or switched email service providers during 2017, according to a Litmus poll. And more than 16% of brands told Litmus that changing ESPs was a top email marketing priority for 2018. If you’re thinking of switching ESPs, first, be sure to create a solid ESP request…

ESP RFPs: Improving Your Vendor Selection Process

Doing an ESP RFP: Improving Your Vendor Selection Process

Nearly 5% of brands are very dissatisfied with their email service provider, and another 23% are dissatisfied, according to a Litmus poll. Many of those brands might consider switching ESPs in the months ahead. However, before any brand switches ESPs, they will likely write a request for proposal. A RFP is a…

EEC: The Email Marketing Industry Needs to Think of Itself in Broader Terms

Email marketing has changed profoundly over the last 10 years, but I don’t know that the email marketing industry has fully recognized the impact. We still talk a lot about “email service providers” and “email marketers,” which may be limiting our audience and limiting our ability to educate and rally the industry….


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