How to Trim Your Out-of-Control Martech Stack

How to Trim Your Out-of-Control Martech Stack

I couldn’t agree more with Bonnie Crater’s first prediction in her recent MarketingProfs article on the Top 3 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2022, which is that “B2B marketers will trim their tech stacks.” In her article, she says, “B2B marketers will look for opportunities to consolidate and simplify their tech stacks, paring down the number of solutions they use to more manageable levels.”

This has been a recurring theme among our discussions with our clients, especially during the pandemic, which has not only pressured companies’ bottom lines but also their ability to react quickly and coherently to changing customer behaviors and needs. What we’ve heard repeatedly is client after client wondering aloud how their sprawling martech stack got to its current state, which can best be described as a Frankenstein’s monster.

In this article, I talk about how marketers got to this point, the mounting costs of a best-of-breed approach, and the merits of a best-of-suite approach.

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