The Definitive Guide to Adapting to Mail Privacy Protection

The Definitive Guide to Adapting to Mail Privacy Protection

Prior to the launch of Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) by Apple in the fall of 2021, marketers could easily see the engagement of their subscribers and reliably manage their email deliverability by following best practices established over the course of more than a decade. However, MPP has blurred marketers’ visibility into engagement…

Webbula: What Are the Top 3 Reasons You Love Working in Email Marketing?

What Are the Top 3 Reasons You Love Working in Email Marketing?

Along with 10 other email experts, I share my top 3 reasons why I love working our industry. For me, it comes down to: Loving the constant evolution of the channel and the fact that there’s always something new to talk about Enjoying the emphasis on data and insights, in addition to…

Unlayer: Create Engaging Email Subscriber Journeys

Create Engaging Email Subscriber Journeys

Understanding how different subscribers move through the subscriber lifecycle and what their needs are at each stage is critical to getting the right messaging in front of them. In this interview with Unlayer, I talk about the subscriber lifecycle and automated subscriber journeys, answering questions such as: Out of the 5 stages…

Multi-Touch Attribution: Moving Beyond Overly Simplistic First- and Last-Click Models

Multi-touch attribution- Moving beyond overly simplistic first- and last-click models

Giving 100% of the credit for a sale to the channel that either attracted the customer by generating the first click of an interaction or closed the deal by producing the last click made sense in the early early ’00s when the average consumer used two touchpoints when buying an item. However,…

What’s Wrong with Email Marketing?

What's Wrong with Email Marketing?

As powerful and unique as email marketing is, it’s far from perfect. If you want to grasp some of its imperfections, just look at what the inbox and mailbox providers have been doing. The features they’re pushing will give you a sense of what they feel is wrong with the channel. Here…

What’s Your Digital CX Strategy for Out of Stocks?

What's Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy for Out-of-Stock Products?

The pandemic, geopolitics, and war have snarled global supply chains, frustrating customers and causing record levels of brand switching and retailer switching. With problems unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, brands need nimble marketing strategies that maximize customer retention and minimize poor experiences. To accomplish this, brands need a multi-pronged approach that…

Mobile Marketing: Leveraging the Latest Trends

Mobile marketing- Leveraging the latest trends

With mobile devices increasingly woven into the fabric of consumers’ everyday lives, it’s imperative that marketers stay on top of the latest trends in mobile marketing. Leveraging insights from these trends will allow you to evolve your mobile experiences and meet consumers where they are. Pulling from our on-demand webinar on mobile…

The Last Word on May 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month… Must-read articles, posts & reports Should You Build Your Own ESP? (Only Influencers) Introducing the Email Markup Consortium (EMC) (DEV) One-Click Unsubscribe: Don’t Do It (Spam Resource) Martech Checklist: Do You Have the Right Solutions to Future-Proof…


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