Unlayer: Create Engaging Email Subscriber Journeys

Create Engaging Email Subscriber Journeys

Understanding how different subscribers move through the subscriber lifecycle and what their needs are at each stage is critical to getting the right messaging in front of them. In this interview with Unlayer, I talk about the subscriber lifecycle and automated subscriber journeys, answering questions such as:

  • Out of the 5 stages (Acquisition, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, Re-engagement), which one matters the most in the subscriber journey?
  • Your book talks about building high-performance lists by identifying valuable subscriber acquisition sources. Can you elaborate on what these sources are?
  • You’ve previously talked about automating your email messaging so you address moments that matter. What do you mean by “moments that matter” in the subscriber journey and why is email automation the way to go?
  • How can email affect and support the different stages of the customer journey?
  • What do you think marketers do wrong with their emails and what do they need to change to create engaging subscriber journeys?

For my answers to those questions and others…

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