Mobile Marketing: Leveraging the Latest Trends

Mobile marketing- Leveraging the latest trends

With mobile devices increasingly woven into the fabric of consumers’ everyday lives, it’s imperative that marketers stay on top of the latest trends in mobile marketing. Leveraging insights from these trends will allow you to evolve your mobile experiences and meet consumers where they are.

Pulling from our on-demand webinar on mobile marketing trends, here are 7 key mobile marketing trends and their implications for marketers:

  1. Shopping habits continue to rapidly shift.
  2. SMS marketing is far from saturated.
  3. It’s a ‘next level’ indicator of brand affinity.
  4. Mobile messaging isn’t just for transactional communications any more.
  5. By focusing on relevancy, frequency becomes less relevant.
  6. It’s not mobile messaging versus email, but rather and email.
  7. Generational differences aren’t as big as you probably think.

For a discussion of each of those trends by Oracle’s Clint Kaiser…

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