What’s Wrong with Email Marketing?

What's Wrong with Email Marketing?

As powerful and unique as email marketing is, it’s far from perfect. If you want to grasp some of its imperfections, just look at what the inbox and mailbox providers have been doing. The features they’re pushing will give you a sense of what they feel is wrong with the channel.

Here are the major perceived shortcomings they’ve been investing in trying to fix:

  • Email marketing isn’t engaging enough.
  • Email content can become outdated.
  • Emails are too cluttered.
  • Email isn’t trustworthy enough.
  • Emails are sent to people who aren’t engaging with them.
  • Email violates subscribers’ privacy.
  • Email performance data is inaccurate.

For a full discussion of each of those, including which inbox providers believe that and what they’re doing about it…

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