The Newest Automation Trigger: Internet-Connected Devices

The Newest Messaging Automation Trigger- Internet-Connected Devices

Automated messages can be triggered by a vast range of behaviors and events. In our Oracle Consulting Checklist of Automated Campaign Ideas to Explore (free, no-form download), we identify more than 110 triggered campaigns—and that’s independent from the channel you’d use for your message, any segmentation you’d do, and how you’d treat your automations differently across your lines of business.

We organize this incredible variety of triggers into four groups based on whether they’re triggered by…

  1. An action taken by the subscriber or customer or by the brand
  2. Inaction over a period of time by the subscriber or customer
  3. A date that’s important to the individual subscriber or customer
  4. A signal from an internet-connected device owned by the customer or user

Chances are you’re familiar with those first three trigger types, but that last bucket is the newest and least developed. However, these machine-triggered messages have a lot of potential, especially as more and more products become connected to the internet.

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