Email Geeks Show Podcast: The Trends Shaping the Future of Email Marketing

Email Geeks Show podcast - An Interview with Chad S. White

The email marketing channel is always evolving. It has changed tremendously over the past decade and forces have already been unleashed that will drive dramatic changes in the years ahead.

In this first episode of the new Email Geeks Show podcast, host Sella Yoffe and I have an extended conversation about those past and future changes, plus a wide range of other topics. Here’s a full rundown of the high points:

  • How I got into email marketing
  • My content strategy and how I get ideas for my articles
  • What’s new in the 4th Edition of Email Marketing Rules
  • Why is the 4th Edition in two volumes and who should buy each one
  • Why learning email marketing is a challenge
  • What are the best resources for learning it
  • Why every company is trying to kill email (but can’t)
  • What’s unique about the email marketing channel
  • Proportional responses with automated emails
  • How brands hurt their email programs
  • How to appropriately use ROI measurements
  • The absence of standards in the email marketing industry
  • The future prospects of AMP for Email
  • How inbox market share has become uncomfortably concentrated
  • The prospect for super-apps in the US
  • The impact of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection
  • How concerned marketers should be about Gmail tabs
  • What trends will have the biggest impact on email marketing going forward
  • The usage of AI in email marketing
  • How email marketing impacts customer expectations
  • How marketers should think about deliverability today
  • The five ages of email deliverability, and what the 6th age is likely to be

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