TimTalk Webcast: What Keeps Me Awake at Night about Generative AI

TimTalk Webcast - What Keeps Me Up at Night about Generative AI

Generative AI has more upside than downside, but that doesn’t make the potential harms any less real. I join TimTalk host Tim Hughes to discuss some of the worries I wrote about in one of my MarketingProfs columns.

Specifically, we talk about my worries that…

  • GenAI will ultimately cost many people their jobs
  • Companies won’t stop at outsourcing the ‘burnout’ or low-value work
  • Companies won’t reinvest the time saved by GenAI
  • Companies will create digital doppelgängers of employees or influencers
  • Art and craft will be reduced to ideas
  • Brands won’t be transparent about their GenAI use
  • Content creators will become content editors
  • GenAI will cause reciprocity to break down

For the full discussion…

>> Watch the webcast on YouTube

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