Email’s Not Dead Podcast: The Latest Changes to Email Marketing

Email’s Not Dead Podcast- The Latest Changes to Email Marketing

Email marketing is constantly changing, which was the driving force behind me writing a 4th Edition of “Email Marketing Rules.” I join Email’s Not Dead podcast hosts Jonathan Torres and Eric Trinidad to talk about the latest edition of my book and the major changes that have happened just since its release last March.

Here’s a rundown of our conversation during the 42-minute podcast:

1:50 – Why we rebranded to Oracle Digital Experience Agency
5:35 – What’s new in the 4th Edition of Email Marketing Rules, and how Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection impacted the writing of it
10:00 – How the two volumes of Email Marketing Rules are different and how they should each be used
18:00 – What’s changed in email marketing since the release of the 4th Edition, with a particular focus on Apple’s Link Tracking Protection
23:10 – The continuing deliverability and list management implications of Mail Privacy Protection as we pass the 2-year anniversary of its launch
29:30 – Why opens are not dead and brands should measure email engagement differently for their MPP-users and non-MPP-users
32:30 – The new Gmail and Yahoo deliverability requirements

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