Register for the Webinar: 8 Trends That Will Define the Future of Email MarketingEmail marketing has experienced great shifts in recent years, and is poised to undergo dramatic changes before the end of the decade.

We explored the future of the channel in our recent “Email Marketing in 2020” report, where we asked 20 experts to share their vision for how email will change over the next several years. Their thought-provoking predictions touch on the subscriber experience, inbox functionality, deliverability, design and coding, the technology provider landscape, and much more.

In this webinar, Litmus VP of Marketing Justine Jordan and I will discuss 8 major themes from “Email Marketing in 2020”:

  1. Channel Stability
  2. A Single View of the Customer
  3. Hyper-personalization
  4. Machine Learning & Automation
  5. Inbox Landscape & Functionality
  6. Interactivity
  7. Minimalism
  8. Compliance & Privacy

Along the way, we’ll share the perspective of our amazing contributors, whose advice will help you get ready for the changes ahead. Justine and I will also share the results from our surveys of thousands of consumers and marketers about key trends. Join us to get a head start on preparing for the future of email marketing!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016
1pm-2pm ET

How to Manage the 3 Kinds of Inactive Email SubscribersYour inactive email subscribers are not all the same, so you need different strategies for addressing them. By my count, there are 3 different kinds of inactives:

  1. Never-Actives, who are new subscribers who have never engaged
  2. Lapsed Customer Inactives, who are inactive subscribers who have also become inactive customers
  3. Current Customer Inactives, who are inactive subscribers who are known to be active customers

You should have different strategies for each of those groups of inactives, and your overall inactive strategy will vary depending on your company’s individual tolerance for deliverability risk.

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Why companies apologize (and how to be ready to do it)Sending an apology email is unavoidable. It’s also true that sending one is a lot less painful when you’re prepared.

In this guest post for SmartBlogs, I discuss the three main reasons that brands send apology emails:

  1. A website outage blocked users from accessing information or completing transactions.
  2. An email contained a significant error.
  3. A public relations situation arose in another channel.

And then I talk about laying the required groundwork for smooth responses.

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How will email marketing change by the end of the decade?”

That’s the question we posed to 20 experts for our Email Marketing in 2020 report. Their answers predict dramatic changes in personalization, automation, interactivity, compliance, and much more.

In this SlideShare, we’ve selected our favorite prediction from each of our 20 contributors, and made it easy for you to tweet the ones you find intriguing or agree with. Enjoy this peek at the future of email marketing!

Watch The Future of Email Marketing videoThe rise of mobile has had a profound effect on email design over the past 5 years, but what will be the drivers of change over the next 5 years?

We asked 6 of our speakers from The Email Design Conference how they saw email marketing design and development changing in the coming years:

  • Brian Graves, UI Team Lead, DEG
  • Fabio Carneiro, Lead Email Developer & UX Designer, MailChimp
  • Lee Munroe, Product Design Lead, Mailgun by Rackspace
  • Mark Robbins, Email Developer, Rebelmail
  • Dan Denney, Front-End Developer, Code School
  • Mike Ragan, Designer, Action Rocket

Their answers focused on email production workflow, coding support, the subscriber experience, and interactive elements.

>> Watch the interviews on the Litmus Blog

The Last Word on February 2016

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & whitepapers

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How to Re-Engage a Dormant Subscriber List (ReachMail)

E.U. and U.S. Release Details on Trans-Atlantic Data Transfer Deal (New York Times)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

@becskr: LOLs at LinkedIn requests. Someone wants to talk to me about reducing my printing costs…I’m an email marketer, it doesn’t get much cheaper.

@EmailSnarketing: Lane Bryant sent out this email. (Subject line “Show us your…”) You know that your customers are women, right?

@Chrisgoldson90: So shall we try sending the same message again? It won’t annoy anyone, they won’t notice. #emailgeeks

@bos31337: Today in novel approaches to honesty in email marketing…

@adwordslessons: Today is the day when retailers show off their ignorance by sending #PresidentsDay emails with “Save some Franklins”.

@LenShneyder: How do I want to be marketed too? With compassion, understanding and restraint. #Sherpa16 Just me. #emailmarketing

@wise_laura: Dear autocorrect: I do not mean spoonable, I mean spoofable. Authentication note taking is hard.


@M_J_Robbins: Looks like @yahoomail is now supporting border-radius: position: absolute; and z-index: #emailgeeks That’s cool 🙂

Noteworthy subject lines

National Football League, 2/1 — What’s Your Super Bowl IQ?
Aeropostale, 2/4 — SUPER 50% off everything + get $10 off $50 – game on!
Fans Edge, 2/2 — Panthers. Broncos. Rep Your Pick With New Gear!
Williams-Sonoma, 2/2 — Your Recipe for Game Day Success + Great Savings You Don’t Want to Miss – In Stores & Online
Target, 2/2 — Ready for Sunday? TV deals you can pick up today.
Toys “R” Us, 2/6 — Everybody Saves at our Super Weekend Sale!
Levi’s, 2/6 — Alicia Keys. Live. Tonight.
Banana Republic, 2/4 — 8 for a great Valentine’s date
Anthropologie, 2/3 — Resend to your sweetie.
Blue Nile, 2/2 — We Have Your Ring In Time For Valentine’s Day
Clinique, 2/2 — Prep before you pucker this Valentine’s + 4 FREE lip shades with purchase., 2/6 — First Comes Love…then 2 great deals!
Victoria’s Secret, 2/4 — Free 2-day shipping! No Valentine’s gift? No problem., 2/4 — Cupid’s Counting Down! 10 Days Left to Find the Perfect Gift!
MAC Cosmetics, 2/10 — Just in Time for Valentine’s Day — Free Overnight Shipping!
Olive Garden, 2/12 — You + Us = Happy Valentine’s Day
ASPCA, 2/12 — Cutest. Valentine’s Day Card. Ever.
Brooks Brothers, 2/11 — Up to 50% off. Balance the budget.
Pier 1 Imports, 2/10 — Easter—it’s a good hare day.
Petco, 2/20 — Free Shipping for National Love Your Pet Day!
Petco, 2/29 — Leap into savings! 29% off pet supplies!
Lands’ End, 2/29 — This only happens once every four years…
Zulily, 2/29 —This only happens once every four years!
Neiman Marcus, 2/29 — About last night… Our award-worthy eveningwear
Barneys New York, 2/29 — Eveningwear Inspired by Red Carpet Trends
Brooks Brothers, 2/2 — Why wait 6 more weeks for spring?
Pier 1 Imports, 2/3 — New warming trends.
Victoria’s Secret, 2/3 — FREE Shipping & Returns on Swim! (You’re getting warmer…)
Saks Fifth Avenue, 2/20 — Spring 2016 Runway Report Vol. 1
Express, 2/29 — Yes, you can rock a plunging bodysuit
Vera Bradley, 2/2 — An ode to your inner girly girl
Ann Taylor, 2/6 — The Fluid Ankle Pant x 3 Ways
Brooks Brothers, 2/5 — Thanks a million. (More like $2 million.)
Kate Spade, 2/12 — this just in from NYFW…
Urban Outfitters, 2/12 — This is why cheaters always win.
Nikon, 2/6 — Nikon School is coming to the Boston area
Zulily, 2/6 — Super girls and Wonder women, assemble!
The Shopping Channel, 2/6 — Need A Little Art Therapy?
ThinkGeek, 2/19 — This BB-8 is our new B-FF: new Life-Size LED Floor Lamp!
MoMA Store, 2/6 — Most Popular Pinterest Products + 20% Off
Gap, 2/13 — insta-style: share your denim
Clinique, 2/19 — #NowTrending on Instagram + 2 free treats with purchase.
Clinique, 2/20 — New On The Wink: Secrets of an Instagram superstar.
Anthropologie, 2/29 — It’s Feb. 29: #MakeALeap

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The Last Word on January 2016

How to Write an Effective Apology Email

Read the full article on Ragan.comSo, you’ve made a mistake.

Maybe your website went down or you sent an email with an error. Maybe a PR situation has arisen. It happens to the best of us.

Now you want to make amends, and you’re thinking of sending an apology email.

In this article on, I talk about how to determine if you do indeed need to send an apology email and, if you do decide that an apology email is warranted, how to craft one that’s clearly branded, concise, and effective.

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Read all of Chad's Marketing Land columnsIn honor of Leap Day, Litmus asked 20 email experts what their vision was for the channel in the year 2020, which is when the next Leap Day will be. Their Email Marketing in 2020 predictions covered everything from inbox functionality to email service provider functionality, and from legislation to personalization.

Of course, I have my own vision for what the channel will look like in four years. In my latest Marketing Land column, I share my predictions, along with whether I’m out on a limb by myself or some of our contributors are out there with me. My predictions involve:

  1. Hyper Personalization
  2. Interactive Emails
  3. Voice Interfaces
  4. Tighter Rules
  5. An Open Social Network

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Email Marketing in 2020 Report

Download "Email Marketing in 2020"Email marketing is not for the faint of heart. The channel is constantly evolving—whether mobile devices and wearables are redefining email design, inbox providers are redefining engagement and deliverability, or ESPs are redefining personalization and targeting.

All this change means that marketers are always reacting, learning, and planning for the future as best they can. Stay nimble, email marketers, because there’s a lot more change on the horizon!

In our Email Marketing in 2020 report, we take a look at what email marketing will be like in the year 2020—in terms of the subscriber experience, inbox functionality, deliverability, design and coding, technology provider landscape, and much more.

To provide the full picture, we surveyed marketers and consumers about the channel, and then asked 20 experts to share their vision of email’s future. Our diverse panel of experts hail from email service providers, agencies, research firms, and publications—from the US and overseas.

The mosaic of predictions creates a collective vision of the future that’s both exciting as well as a bit daunting. Here’s a glimpse of the future of email marketing!

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Valentines for Email Marketers

I love email. And I love email marketers and subscribers. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ve written some heartfelt words that go out to all the lovers of email marketing. Feel free to share them.

Most emails are read On mobile, it’s true. So design with care, There is no redo.

CLICK TO TWEET >> Happy Valentine’s Day, Email Marketers! With love, @chadswhite


Roses instead Of violets, I knew, That’s why I segment My emails to you.

CLICK TO TWEET >> Happy Valentine’s Day, Email Marketers! With love, @chadswhite


Rose's emails are read 'Cause marketers do Smart things to ensure There's lots of value.

CLICK TO TWEET >> Happy Valentine’s Day, Email Marketers! With love, @chadswhite


Email standards ahead? Please say that it's true. Our designs and our hearts Have been broken in two.

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Need more email love in your life? Hook up with these email marketing and digital marketing rock stars.


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