4 Ways Brands Go Wrong With Digital Marketing Metrics

Numbers may not lie, but they certainly mislead and withhold the whole truth on a regular basis, if you’re not careful. And in today’s digital marketing world, it’s easier than ever to be fooled by data that’s masquerading as insights.

That’s because the end of third-party cookies, the introduction of Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) by Apple, the rise of omnichannel shopping, and other developments have made it harder to see the insights hiding in your data. All of those changes are highlighting the deficiencies in how digital marketers are currently using their metrics.

Let’s talk about four such deficiencies.

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Loyalty: KPIs that Go Beyond the Transaction

Loyalty: KPIs that Go Beyond the Transaction

While loyalty programs are ultimately about growing revenue, generating lift, and driving frequency, that doesn’t mean transactions are all you should be measuring. In fact, if that is your only key performance indicator, then you’re almost certainly dampening the growth of your loyalty program.

To learn about 4 important loyalty program goals you won’t be able to optimize for if you’re only looking at transactions…

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The Last Word on October 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

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Shining the light on HTML Emails Dark Modes (Notist)

Email Design Quick Wins (Email Design Review)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

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West Elm, 10/20 – Get in the spirit: Holiday decor now ships free!
Belk, 10/5 – Get holiday ready! Up to 65% off home must-haves
Crate & Barrel, 10/24 – Get your Christmas tree *now*—before they sell out 🌲
Ross Dress For Less, 10/15 – 🎁 Holiday Home Deals Start at Ross!
Hobby Lobby, 10/14 – Wrap Gifts With Style! 50% Off Christmas ✨
Williams Sonoma, 10/4 – No stress, no mess. Holiday foods delivered to your door >>>
VS PINK, 10/13 – Them: Is It Too Early? 🎄 Us: NEVER
Uncommon Goods, 10/13 – ABC: Always Be Christmassing
West Elm, 10/5 – All new holiday arrivals are here!
IKEA, 10/20 – Chad, the new holiday collection is here!
Banana Republic, 10/20 – Your Invitation Awaits: Preview The Gift of Imagination
Macy’s, 10/20 – Getting ahead of the holiday gift grind = more time to enjoy the merriment
Big Lots, 10/14 – ⚠️LAST CHANCE for big Ho-Ho-HOLIDAY DEALS
Quiksilver, 10/1 – Snow Is Near
Eddie Bauer, 10/14 – Are You DOWN To Save On Parkas & More?
Burlington, 10/5 – Layer up as temperatures go down
Gap, 10/13 – “Put on a jacket” – Every Mom Ever
Nordstrom, 10/20 – Coat season is just around the corner
Neiman Marcus, 10/5 – Must-have boots & jackets for fall
Michaels, 10/14 – Boo ya! Here’s 50% off Halloween décor essentials.
Gap, 10/6 – BASQUIAT x Gap
Bed Bath & Beyond, 10/1 – Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy 🤩 lives for rewards – shouldn’t you?
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The Last Word on September 2022

What Are the Top Email Marketing Resources for Beginners?

Along with 8 other email marketing experts, I share some of my picks for the best resources for folks just starting out in the industry. My top picks include:

All of the contributors to this roundup really came at it from a different point of view, leading to a diverse range of suggestions. To see all of our recommendations…

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Hard Truths about B2B Personalization, Its Effectiveness, and Its Future

Forget Personalisation, It’s Impossible and It Doesn’t Work. I’ll be honest: When I saw that headline in my Twitter feed, I nearly laughed out loud. In fact, I assumed the piece was satirical. It wasn’t.

As a long-time believer in and witness of the power of personalization in email marketing, I was skeptical. However, if you take the time to read the article as I did, then you’ll discover that the authors make some strong arguments about the weaknesses of personalization as a technical endeavor and business goal for B2B brands. Their opinion hinges on two points. Both are worth examining, along with some counterpoints.

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BIMI- The carrot to get email marketers to fully authenticate

Inbox providers’ long-standing approach has been to punish email marketing managers for not authenticating their emails with SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance). This all-stick-and-no-carrot approach to email authentication led to slow adoption of SPF and DKIM since their introductions in the early 2000s, as well as slow adoption of DMARC since its creation in 2012. For instance, only 20.3% of domains publish some level of DMARC policy and a mere 6.1% have the preferred “p=reject” policy in place, according to 250ok’s 2019 Global DMARC Adoption report.

In an acknowledgment that the all-stick approach hadn’t fostered the adoption rates they wanted, a group of mailbox providers and email vendors got together and created Brand Indicators for Message Identification, or BIMI, as it’s commonly known. This standard rewards email senders who authenticate with SPF and DKIM and publish a DMARC record.

Implementing BIMI allows email marketing managers to display their chosen logo next to their sender name. In this blog post, Daniel Deneweth, Head of Email Deliverability Services at Oracle Marketing Consulting, discusses the three benefits provided by BIMI and the six steps to implement it.

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Mailgun podcast - Silver Linings in Omnichannel Marketing

“Deliverability and strategy are inexorably intertwined. Deliverability sets the floor for what we need to achieve.” That was just one of the things I said during my time on Email’s Not Dead podcast with Mailgun’s Jonathan Torres, Eric Trinidad, and Nick Schafer.

During our conversation, which focused heavily on deliverability and performance measurement, we also talked about:

  • Spamhaus becoming much more active
  • How Mail Privacy Protection is impacting the industry
  • Whether other inbox providers will adopt policies similar to MPP
  • The value of clicks and how to get more of them
  • The need for re-permissioning
  • The silver lining of MPP

To hear about all of those topics…

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7 Types of Customer Attributes to Power Your Segmentation & Personalization

As ways to increase the relevance of your digital marketing campaigns, segmentation and personalization have evolved dramatically over the past decade or so. Indeed, they’ve come so far that simple personalization like addressing subscribers by their first name are now viewed as hollow gestures.

Today, consumers expect brands to use segmentation and personalization to demonstrate that they’re paying attention and truly understand who they are and what they’re interested in. Thankfully, brands have a wealth of potential data they can use to get closer to their customers and prospects.

In Oracle Consulting’s latest Marketing Checklist, we share more than 170 customer attributes you can use to either send a segmented campaign or personalize a campaign. These attributes include seven different kinds of information. In this post, Kaiti Gary discusses each kind.

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One Year Later: How Mail Privacy Protection Has Impacted Marketers

Sept. 20 marked the 1-year anniversary of Apple’s launch of Mail Privacy Protection, which has affected everything from email performance measurement to deliverability to email design. Despite the far-reaching nature of these impacts, the results of Oracle Marketing Consulting polls over the past year show that marketers are getting a grip on managing them.

Most notably, the percentage of marketers who say that MPP has extensively impacted their email marketing program has fallen from a high of 33% at the beginning of this year to just 6% last month. The majority of those who were seeing extensive impacts have managed those issues to the point where the impacts are now only significant.

The overall decline in impact is likely attributable to the availability of advice on how to adapt to MPP, as well as a general decrease in anxiety about the change over time. And the distribution of impact likely maps to the size of the respondents’ email programs, with smaller senders being less affected by MPP and larger senders more affected.

The variations are also likely the result of brands being less or more affected by how MPP has affected email analytics, deliverability, and design. Let’s go into more detail about how it has impacted each of those areas of email marketing.

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Email Is Important Part of Omnichannel Journeys

“People do not engage with channels. They engage with brands.” That’s one of many points that I stressed when I joined OneSignal Chief Revenue Officer Josh Wetzel on the OneSignal Podcast. During our discussion, we talked about:

  • How businesses should think about their channel prioritization
  • How the various digital marketing channels complement each other
  • Recommendations for those who are completely new to email marketing and looking to start a program
  • How companies will think about messaging in 5 years
  • And much more

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