When to Hit Pause on Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

When to Hit Pause on Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Sadly, brands have faced an increasing number of circumstances in which they’ve decided it was in their best interest to cancel or delay their digital marketing campaigns, either on a national or regional basis. At the same time, in the heat of the moment, some brands have failed to pause their campaigns and faced allegations of insensitivity, suffered brand damage, and audience losses.

To increase your chances of responding in a way that’s most appropriate for your brand, your company should agree on the circumstances that would typically lead it to take action before you’re faced with them for real. You’ll still be forced to make a quick decision about what to do, but you’ll deliberate less because you will have clarified your corporate values and risk tolerances.

Consider these seven reasons that brands have halted marketing campaigns in the past and decide which might be appropriate reasons for your organization to hit pause on its email, SMS, social, and other digital marketing campaigns…

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