Email Newsletters: 9 New Best Practices

Email Newsletters: 9 New Best Practices

Nothing in email marketing is static, because ESP technology, inbox providers, and—most importantly—consumers are constantly changing. That change extends to the email newsletter, a mainstay of B2B marketing and a growing player in B2C marketing, too.

To get a read on the latest newsletter trends, I spoke with our Creative Services and B2B teams here at Oracle Marketing Consulting about what they were doing when they overhauled our clients’ newsletters. Consider this your guide to the new best practices for email newsletters. Here are their top 9 recommendations…

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The Marketing Book Podcast - The 4th edition of Email Marketing Rules

Six years after being on the Marketing Book Podcast to discuss the 3rd edition of Email Marketing Rules, I rejoin host Douglas Burdett to talk about the new 4th edition. During our 1 hour and 17 minute conversation, we cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • What’s new in the 4th edition of Email Marketing Rules
  • What’s in each of the two volumes of the 4th edition
  • What’s unique about the email channel
  • What are the downsides of email marketing
  • How most new marketing graduates have little to no email marketing knowledge
  • How your gut will often led you wrong with email marketing
  • Why buying lists is dangerous
  • How sender reputations work
  • How to communicate email marketing success
  • Why the paid-owned-earned (POE) media model is outdated
  • Why email marketing is best as a conversation
  • The four trends that will drive the next 10 years of email marketing
  • The one thing marketers should do today
  • The marketing book I’m reading right now

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AI-Generated Images- Generative AI Concerns & Opportunities for Marketers

Ready or not, we’re rapidly heading into a world where generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and others do more of marketers’ day-to-day work. That transition is not much in question. The only question is how well your organization makes that transition.

To make that transition as smoothly as possible, we recommend taking a cautious and realistic approach toward the here-and-now of these technologies, while keeping an optimistic long-term view. That starts with having a solid understanding of how these technologies work, including what they’re capable of and what they’re not.

Having that understanding will help you deploy generative AI in ways that will help your business grow, and either avoid or safeguard against situations where AI leads to costly errors or embarrassing customer experiences.

Because the issues and use cases around generative AI vary depending on whether you’re outputting text, code, or images, we’re addressing each of those separately. In this post, we’re focusing on generative AI for images. Let’s start by explaining…

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13 Warning Signs of Email Deliverability Problems Ahead

Nothing can destroy your email marketing performance quite like email deliverability problems. Whether it’s the slow slip of inbox placement due to diminishing engagement or the sudden collapse due to a blocklisting, it’s always devastating and usually a shock.

But honestly, email deliverability problems are rarely a surprise if you know what to look out for, says Daniel Deneweth, Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Head of Email Deliverability Services. During his nearly two decades focused on email deliverability, he’s noticed a number of events that often precede problems…

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91 Days Success Podcast: Email Marketing Unleashed

I join Jonathan Mast, the host of the 91 Days Success Podcast, to chat about how to use email marketing wisely, strategically, and productively. During the 50-minute podcast, we talk about:

  • How I got my start in email marketing
  • Why I wrote the 1st edition of Email Marketing Rules
  • Why I’ve now released four editions of it and what’s new about the 4th edition
  • Why email marketing is still important to businesses
  • How email marketing’s high ROI leads many brands to settle for “good enough” results
  • What metrics should marketers be using to measure success
  • How email marketing can be used to build stronger, more productive customer relationships
  • The evolution of email personalization: small-p personalization vs. big-P personalization
  • The role of generative AI, both in the short-term and long-term
  • The kinds of mistakes that brands regularly make with email marketing
  • How to optimize subject lines
  • How to get more out of automated campaigns
  • How to avoid having your emails blocked or junked
  • The perils of buying email addresses
  • What I’d do if I had to start over and rebuild my email marketing consulting career

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10 Years of Email Marketing Rules: What’s Changed & What’s Next

Anytime I see someone complain that email marketing is old and hasn’t changed in decades, it just confirms for me that they don’t know anything about email marketing. The truth is that the channel has changed dramatically.

These changes are top of mind for me personally as I just marked the 10-year anniversary of releasing the 1st edition of Email Marketing Rules by releasing an updated and greatly expanded two-volume 4th edition. As I note in the Preface of the 4th edition, the last 10 years have seen many changes, including:

  • CASL, GDPR, and CCPA have all gone into effect
  • Email can be read on smart watches or be read aloud by voice assistants
  • Tabbed inboxes were introduced by Google, Microsoft, and others
  • Marketers gained the ability to create interactive emails using CSS and AMP for email
  • Rich preview content can be created using schema and Email Annotations
  • Emails can be designed using modular email architecture
  • Dark mode is an option in most inboxes
  • New privacy features, such as Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and the sunsetting of third-party cookies
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning have gained roles in selecting audiences, determining email content, picking send times, writing copy, and more
  • Orchestration of email with other channels has become much easier and increasingly vital in order to deliver great customer experiences
  • Cross-channel customer data can be centralized in customer data platforms (CDPs) and other systems

That’s a lot of change! And, frankly, much of that has transpired since the 3rd edition was published in 2017. More importantly, several of those changes are major contributors to three trends that be major drivers of the next 10 years of email marketing:

  1. Tighter privacy restrictions
  2. Better omnichannel orchestration
  3. More machine learning and AI

For a full discussion of each of those trends…

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Generative AI for Email Personalization- A Hallucination Wrapped in Confusion

Let me be blunt: We are so far away from generative AI writing personalized emails in any meaningful way. So very far. Yet, I keep hearing people suggest that generative AI will be writing highly personalized emails to individuals in the not-too-distant future.

I don’t think this is a realistic expectation at any significant scale, with any degree of automation, and with a reliable expectation of increased performance—much less a positive return on investment. Let me explain why.

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The Last Word on April 2023

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and social buzz you might have missed last month…

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Validity’s Email After Hours Podcast: Why We’re Still Mad About Apple’s MPP

Since Apple introduced it in 2021, Mail Privacy Protection has had a profound impact on how email marketers operate and many are still struggling with how to adapt. I join Validity’s Guy Hanson and Danielle Gallant on the Email After Hours podcast to discuss everything MPP. We tackle the following questions:

  • How did MPP upend the status quo and who has been impacted most?
  • What other email marketing challenges and opportunities lie ahead?
  • What are some of the positives of MPP?
  • Was Apple trying to solve a problem that most consumers didn’t know existed?
  • How have marketers responded to MPP?
  • What are some useful ways of using auto-generated opens?
  • How should senders be measuring engagement post-MPP?
  • How have subscribers been affected by MPP?
  • Has MPP actually spurred unethical sender behavior?

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Coffee & Email podcast

I join Joi Brooks, the host of the Email & Coffee Podcast, to chat about email marketing strategy. During our conversation, we talk about…

  • Email marketing education
  • The biggest design tip to drive results
  • Building interest and nurturing B2B leads
  • Desiloing marketing and omnichannel customer behavior
  • The critical zero stage of email interactions
  • How to create great customers
  • Focusing your email content on the HOW, not the WHAT
  • How too many marketers settle for “good enough” results
  • The need for a broad understanding of email marketing, even among specialists
  • The evolution and expansion of email marketing
  • Generative AI
  • The tension between personalization and privacy
  • Data collection, behavioral signal strength, and avoiding creepiness
  • Return on touch
  • And much more!

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