Email Marketing Trends for 2022- Unproven Opportunities

Email marketing is constantly evolving, so it can be difficult to know where to invest your time and energy from year to year. It’s extra challenging in turbulent times like these, when consumer behaviors and business goals are shifting rapidly. To help you prioritize your email marketing efforts this year, we surveyed Oracle Marketing Consulting’s more than 500 digital marketing experts, asking them to rate the current adoption of a range of email marketing technologies and tactics, as well as their predicted impact during 2022. We then mapped the results into adoption-impact quadrants.

In this post, we’re looking at the Unproven Opportunities, which are in the low adoption–low impact quadrant. The technologies and tactics here are not fully vetted and may not generate long-term adoption or impact. There are significant risks that could undermine your investment in part or entirely—including rejection by consumers, inadequate inbox provider support, inadequate digital marketing platform support, the passage of legislative impediments, and other issues.

Because of those risks, most brands will find that the best strategy is to wait and let others work out all the details, uncover the best practices, and stress-test the technologies. However, the pioneering companies who embrace these trends at this early stage may seize a sizable advantage over their competitors.

Of the 26 trends we surveyed our digital marketing consultants about, just two of them were rated as being in the low adoption–low impact quadrant for 2022. Let’s talk about each of them in turn…

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8 Alternatives to Open-Triggered Email Sequences in the Age of Mail Privacy Protection

As more Apple Mail users have enabled Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), opens have become an increasingly unreliable signal of individual-level engagement for email marketers. That is requiring marketers to redefine how they select active audiences for campaigns, how they determine inactivity and make suppression decisions, and how they design journey progressions that were previously driven by opens.

That last impact will be particularly hard felt by B2B brands, who are the biggest users of open-triggered journeys to move customers and prospects down interaction funnels. While B2B brands are likely to be less impacted by MPP than their B2C colleagues, most will ultimately see 15% to 35% of their audiences affected. That’s too much of their audience impacted to ignore. Brands will have to make changes to their open-triggered journeys, and they have several alternatives to consider. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each.

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The Last Word on January 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

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First Quarter 2022 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

e-shot: Email Engagement Is on the Up, and 7 More Trends for 2022

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Should Emails Expire? Yes and No

On-Demand Webinar: Effective Testing & Optimization Across Digital Marketing Channels

7 Burning Questions about Email Unsubscribes

The Last Word on December 2021

5 Digital Marketing Takeaways From the 2021 Holiday Season

A second consecutive chaotic and stressful holiday season is over—and just like last year, it’s tempting to want to close the book on it and never look back. However, that would be a mistake, as there are always lessons to be learned from Christmas Past that can help with our Christmas Future.

Here are 5 digital marketing takeaways that you should carry with you into your planning sessions for this year and the upcoming holiday season:

  1. Early start to holiday season has staying power
  2. Marquee shopping days are losing a little luster
  3. Adopt wider windows for measuring performance
  4. Improve cross-channel attribution
  5. Communicate product availability better

For a look at each of those takeaways…

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First Quarter 2022 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

First Quarter 2022 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

The holiday season doesn’t have an off-season. Having a successful holiday season means executing a successful four-quarter strategy. Oracle Consulting’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives you a quarter-by-quarter plan for how to achieve more during the critical holiday season with your digital marketing efforts.

The first quarter is focused on seizing opportunities, mitigating risks, learning from the just-passed holiday season, and starting to make the larger structural and programmatic changes necessary to succeed in the new year and during the next holiday season. In this Holiday Marketing Quarterly, we’ll cover:

  1. Holiday Post-Mortems
  2. Seasonal Buyer Reactivations
  3. Email Deliverability Recoveries
  4. Automated Email Optimization & Growth
  5. Creative Refreshes
  6. Upgrades & Expansions of Your Tech Stack

For the full checklist…

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Email engagement is on the up – 7 more trends for 2022

The pandemic has put an increased focus on email marketing as a way for consumers to stay in touch with their favorite brands. Engagement is up, but e-shot wonders what marketers should focus on in 2022 to keep growing their email marketing programs growing. Along with Kath Pay, Jordie van Rijn, Dela Quist, Jenna Tiffany, Dave Chaffey, and Dan Hare, I help illuminate 7 trends for this year:

  1. Accessibility
  2. User-generated content and social proof
  3. Mindful personalization
  4. Data protection and privacy
  5. New ways to measure success
  6. Larger BIMI adoption across brands
  7. Interactivity in emails, including micro-interactions

For a detailed look at each of those…

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Tips to Prevent Burnout and Recharge Email Inspiration

Burnout has become a national conversation, as job-switching has reached historic highs. It affects all facets of our professional and personal lives, including our social, mental, and physical well-being.

To help marketers recognize the signs of burnout and take action to alleviate them, the team at SparkPost has gathered their thoughts and tips, which I was honored to contribute to. We hope these ideas bring you some comfort and help you recharge your email inspiration. Were all in this together.

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Should Emails Expire? Yes and No

Should Emails Expire? Yes and No

Most commercial email that’s sent is never deleted by recipients. Moreover, most commercial email content is only relevant for a fairly short period of time—say, weeks tops for the vast majority of it. As a consequence, mailbox providers currently store and maintain access to a tremendous amount of old and completely irrelevant email. That’s costly for them and an ecologically senseless use of electricity during a time of escalating climate risk.

For those reasons, the issue has been raised as to whether marketers should be allowed and enabled to schedule the emails they send to delete themselves. Even if only instituted for future emails, it would stop mailboxes from filling up with even more messages of limited long-term value.

We already have a good starting point for this process: the schema that’s used to tell Gmail and other mailbox providers when the deals in our emails expire. That schema could be used by all senders to set reasonable expiration dates for their messages, when applicable. This is a mechanism that wasn’t available when the idea of auto-deleting emails was first raised around 2012.

However, many of the barriers that stopped this idea from gaining traction a decade ago are still problems today. Let’s talk about those, plus an alternative approach to solving this problem.

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Effective Testing & Optimization Across Digital Marketing Channels

Consumer behaviors, desires, and needs are changing faster than ever. Simply watching your analytics and listening to your customer service feedback isn’t enough, if it ever was. To stay aligned with your customers across all of your digital channels, having a robust testing program in place is critical.

But how do you set up an effective testing program across your digital channels? How do you avoid making mistakes that undermine your testing? How do you determine the right kind of test to use and right parameters?

To answer those questions and more, Oracle Marketing Consulting hosted a value-packed webinar, featuring JT Capps, Director of Analytic & Strategic Services, Oracle Marketing Consulting; Doug Sundahl, Senior Director of Analytic & Strategic Services, Oracle Marketing Consulting; and Chris De Marinis, Senior Consultant, Oracle Maxymiser.

To read the 5 key takeaways or to watch the 45-minute on-demand webinar…

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7 Burning Questions about Email Unsubscribes

7 Burning Questions About Email Unsubscribes

Brands work hard to build their email marketing lists, so they understandably want to minimize unsubscribes. However, lingering misconceptions about unsubscribes lead some brands to put the wrong tactics in place. So, in an effort to reduce unsubscribes, some brands actually end up increasing list churn or hurting their deliverability, or both.

Here are seven questions that you or your boss might have about unsubscribes that are at the heart of devising wise practices that protect your list and your reputation:

  1. If I make my unsubscribe link too prominent, am I essentially encouraging people to opt out?
  2. Do unsubscribes hurt my email deliverability?
  3. What about native unsubscribe links?
  4. How can I retain more subscribers when they visit my unsubscribe page?
  5. What about offering a “Snooze” option?
  6. How many clicks should it take to unsubscribe?
  7. What should I pay attention to when testing my unsubscribe process?

To the answers to those questions…

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