Loyalty Program KPIs: Measuring Health and Performance

Loyalty program KPIs- Measuring health and performance

A loyalty program should work for its members as well as your company, says Oracle CrowdTwist Senior Strategist Carly Mathews. It’s a balancing act. And to measure how good of a balance you’re striking, you need to track a variety of key performance indicators.

With Oracle CrowdTwist clients, we measure many metrics, each of which tells us something unique and important about how a loyalty program is doing. These metrics generally fall into two buckets: health KPIs that measure the appeal of and engagement with a loyalty program, and performance KPIs that measure the direct financial impact of a program.

In this post, we talk about both of those kinds of loyalty KPIs and Leah Carder of Reckitt shares how they measure success at their Enfamil Family Beginnings loyalty program in a companion on-demand webinar.

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