New Gmail & Yahoo Deliverability Requirements- What Senders Need to Do

One of the hallmarks of the email channel is a lack of standards and a lack of universal support for all but the most fundamental elements of email. For example, there are no standards around HTML and CSS code support; dark mode is implemented differently across email clients; spam filtering at different inboxes weights different factors differently; BIMI support is uneven and has different requirements at different inboxes; and on and on.

That’s why the recently announced collaboration between Gmail and Yahoo on spam-fighting protections is so unusual. The joint effort helps reinforce long-standing industry best practices for bulk senders and provides greater specificity on the benchmarks brands need to meet to stay in their good graces.

To avoid deliverability issues at Gmail and Yahoo mailboxes, brands need to meet the following four requirements by February 2024…

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The Last Word on September 2023

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and social buzz you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

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Gmail Now Rejecting Unauthenticated Mail (Spam Resource)

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Insightful & entertaining social posts

Noteworthy subject lines

The Company Store, 9/14 – NEW Kids Bedding for the School Year 🏫🍎
Abercrombie & Fitch, 9/9 – Fully into football season., 9/7 – FREE For Your Snack-O-Lantern 🎃
Spirit Halloween, 9/8 – 💀 Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas!
American Eagle, 9/14 – HALLOWEEN INSPO + 30% off now extended 🎃
West Elm, 9/9 – Get ready to gather all fall
Crate & Kids, 9/14 – IT’S HERE! Check out our Holiday Shop →
shopDisney, 9/7 – Wow them with our most wished-for toys
LEGO® News, 9/26 – Need help finding the perfect gift?
Uncommon Goods, 9/21 – Holiday gifts under $50
Eddie Bauer, 9/7 – Get Out There, No Matter The Weather 🥾 🌧️
Harley-Davidson®, 9/23 – Cooler weather ❄️, hot looks 🔥
West Elm, 9/21 – Cooler temperatures make outdoor entertaining easier.
Lane Bryant, 9/4 – Mins left! 40% OFF all the fall newness
West Elm Sale, 9/4 – HOURS LEFT ⏰ Up to 60% off
Quiksilver, 9/4 – Final Hours: Extra 50% Off Sale On Sale
J.Crew, 9/4 – Ends at midnight: 40% off your purchase
Crate & Barrel SALE, 9/4 – Ends tomorrow: DOUBLE REWARDS
Norwegian Cruise Line, 9/22 – 0% APR Is Staying For A Little Longer
Duluth Trading, 9/6 – Hit ’Em With Your Best Squat
YETI, 9/14 – You Asked For More Pink And We Delivered
Goldbelly, 9/9 – Ship Food Love for Maui 🌴💖
Clinique Online, 9/22 – Weekend treat for you! Get our #1 makeup remover free with $50 purchase.
Allrecipes Dinner Tonight, 9/25 – Our #1 Saved Recipe of 2023 So Far
Fanatics, 9/28 – Dooney & Bourke x NFL Collection

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The Last Word on August 2023

Machine Learning and Generative AI in Marketing- Critical Differences Today

The most popular classification models have generative AI being a subset of machine learning, and machine learning being a subset of AI. While this may technically and architecturally be the correct way to think about these tools, it has led to significant confusion.

First, because of our natural tendency to drop words to simplify and economize our language, this has led to many people referring to generative AI simply as AI. Muddling things further, because generative AI and machine learning are both lumped under AI as a big umbrella, all of these terms are being used somewhat interchangeably.

All of this makes it difficult for brands to evaluate these tools and understand how to use them to accomplish their goals. After all, most people aren’t building these tools. They’re using them.

So, let’s consider a more user-centric framework, one that focuses on what brands—and in particular, marketers—care about. Let’s also focus in on just machine learning and generative AI, which comprise most of the AI tools that marketers use. From a user standpoint, the biggest differences between machine learning and generative AI are twofold:

  1. Where the data comes from that fuels the tool’s output
  2. The primary benefit of the tool

Let’s first examine how machine learning looks when viewed through these two lenses…

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Q4 2023 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

The holiday season doesn’t have an off-season. Having a successful holiday season means executing a successful year-round strategy. Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives you a quarter-by-quarter plan for how to achieve more during this critical time of the year.

Our fourth quarter guide contains a 23-point checklist that helps you wrap up your final holiday prep and take action during the holiday season to maximize results and minimize problems. It covers:

  1. Engaging your seasonal buyers
  2. Adjusting your automated campaigns
  3. Leveraging your new capabilities
  4. Coordinating across your channels
  5. Doing incremental A/B testing
  6. Finalizing your plans

For the full checklist…

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SocketLabs: Email in 2025

Email in 2025

Email marketing is a channel that is constantly in flux. Technology, the law, consumer expectations and behaviors, inbox and mailbox providers, and business goals all affect how the channel operates and where it’s headed.

To help marketers get a bead on where the channel is headed, I join 25 other email marketing experts to share my predictions in SocketLabs’ Email in 2025 series. We answer three key questions:

  1. How do you see email fitting into the marketing mix in 2025?
  2. What about email do you see as a nice-to-have for now, but feel will be considered table stakes by 2025?
  3. What do you hope or wish to see change within email by 2025?

For my answers to those questions…

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Holiday Email Subject Line Insights to Boost Your Campaign Results

Email campaign mailing frequency rises dramatically during the holiday season, putting more pressure on subject lines to quickly connect with subscribers and kick off a positive and profitable interaction. Based on an analysis of subject lines and campaign performance from a selection of retail and other B2C brands using Oracle Responsys from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, we discovered a number of insights that can help brands craft better subject lines this holiday season. Here are our top findings…

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The Most Critical Email Deliverability Questions for 2023

The most critical email deliverability questions are YOUR QUESTIONS. That’s why Oracle Marketing Consulting’s veteran Email Deliverability Services team made themselves available to answer questions from the digital marketing community during a special open forum webinar. Chances are you have many of the same questions that were raised by your peers about Mail Privacy Protection, Gmail pre-fetching, Link Tracking Protection, and other topics.

You can watch the full webinar included to get detailed answers to all of the questions, but in this blog post we also wanted to share short answers in 30 words or less for some of the questions.

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Accepting that You Can’t Change People… or Subscribers or Inbox Providers

You can’t change people. You can only change how you react to them.

That is something we say a lot in our household. It’s a hard-won pearl of wisdom from years of working with therapists so my wife and I can be better parents to our autistic son, be better spouses to each other, and better cope with the passing of our parents and other stresses.

I’ll be honest, this lesson has been particularly hard for me to learn. Empathy is hard. It can be difficult to accept that other people don’t view things in the same way you do, and that other people’s logic doesn’t work like yours does. That kind of acceptance can be painful, even identity-crushing.

I see this same resistance in some of my fellow marketers, who resist accepting the email channel as it is, especially as it evolves. Instead, they try to bend it so it conforms to their worldview. Consumer behaviors become problems. Inbox providers’ rules become unfair. Blocklist operators’ actions become unjust.

Here are some examples of marketers struggling unnecessarily against the realities of the email channel…

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Get Inspiration from Our Holiday Subject Line Word Cloud

As you plan your holiday promotional email campaigns, you’ll certainly want to draft subject lines for your intended campaigns. In fact, you’ll want to write multiple subject lines for each one so you can do some A/B testing. To get you inspired, we created a holiday subject line word cloud based on more than 700 subject lines used by national retailers between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022.

If you’re unfamiliar with word clouds, the more frequently a word is used, the larger it is in the word cloud. So, for instance, some of the most commonly used words in our word cloud include: get, holiday, gifts, deals, save, last, ends, and now.

While that’s interesting, Kelly Moran and I take a deeper dive into what this word cloud reveals about email subject line writing during the holidays and how that can help you write better holiday subject lines.

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Email Marketing Rules to Follow

Some email marketing rules are legally required. Others are essentially required by inbox providers. And still others are driven by the expectations of subscribers.

That was the core of the conversation I had with The Business Storytelling Show podcast host Christoph Trappe about email marketing and the 4th edition of Email Marketing Rules.

On the show, we talk about:

  • Why there are so many rules to follow
  • Who the five stakeholders are for the email marketing channel
  • How email marketers and marketing leaders bump heads
  • How to simplify email marketing approvals and workflows
  • How email service providers can help marketers follow the rules
  • How best practices don’t keep brands from expressing their brand voice
  • The importance and impact of permission on your sender reputation

Listen to The Business Storytelling Show wherever you get your podcasts or…

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