Content Calendar Assistant 2023

2023 Content Calendar Assistant

Everybody can use a little help coming up with content ideas. And everybody can use a heads up to make sure they don’t look foolish or insensitive by launching campaigns that clash with US or international holidays, occasions, or events. Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Content Calendar Assistant provides that help.

To aid you with your content planning, our Content Calendar Assistant is organized by quarter, month, and week. By quarter because that’s how big themes and seasons are planned. By month because that’s how we tend to think about content creation. And by week because that’s how we plan out our campaign creation. In total, it contains nearly 1,000 ideas to enhance your content planning, plus insights and advice from some of our nearly 500 digital marketing experts.

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Email Marketing Font Stacks- Defining Your Font-Family

Picking fonts for the HTML or live text in your marketing emails isn’t like picking fonts for a direct mail piece, which allows for nearly infinite choices. The spectrum of inboxes across which your emails are viewed by your subscribers place limitations on your font options. At the same time, the richness of the email channel provides vastly more choices than social media, push, and SMS channels—which tend not to give you any font choices at all.

How do you make the most of email’s font options? How do you avoid problems? Let’s start to answer those questions by understanding the 5 kinds of email fonts.

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Happy Holidays from My Family to Yours!

Happy Holidays

Wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, my family and I wish you all the best this holiday season. See you in the New Year, EmailGeeks!

Picking the Right Sender Name: Brand or Person?

Picking the Right Email Sender Name: Brand or Person?

Perhaps it’s the focus on empathy and connecting with our subscribers on a human level. Or it’s all of the emphasis on writing in plain English—using colloquialisms, sentence fragments, emojis, and even slang. Or maybe it’s the risky desire to con their way into the Primary tab instead of the Promotions tab.

Whatever the reason, some brands have gotten the message that it’s in their best interest to position their emails as coming from a person—the CEO, a salesperson, a support rep, almost anyone—rather from their brand. This pressure appears to be the greatest among B2B brands, but can also affect B2C brands like Peloton, which has sent bulk emails that appear to be from their instructors.

Done in the wrong way, this tactic can cause a number of problems. Let’s talk about those problems and how to avoid them.

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Halon: Email Trend Report 2023

Halon's Email Trend Report 2023

2023 will continue a string of challenging years that has seen us transition from pandemic to recovery to high inflation and now to an expected global recession. The pressures that come with that are evident in the predictions assembled by Halon from 19 email marketing experts, including me.

In particular, Matthew Dunn of Campaign Genius captured the stresses that a recession will place on email marketing, as well as on other channels. Beata Linz of Beat Linz Consultancy conveyed the urgency that exists for email marketing and other marketing channels to work together much more closely than ever before because of the sunsetting of third-party cookies.

Matthew Stith of Spamhaus talks about how deteriorating sending practices have led the blocklist operator to issue 9,734 informational listings during the first 11 months of this year. And Guy Hanson of Validity explains how deteriorating list hygiene caused by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, more business pressure on the email channel, and more aggressive policing by Spamhaus and mailbox providers will make deliverability extra tough in the coming year.

For my part, my predictions centered on the growing role of customer data platforms (CDPs) to help brands treat their customers consistently across channels and the new opportunity presented by BIMI now that Apple is supporting it.

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Imagining an Amazon Email Client: Prime Mail

Imagining an Amazon Email Client- Prime Mail

Gmail is getting old. What’s the next hot email app?

That was the gist of a tweet I saw early this year. At the time, the question made me reflect on the different features and capabilities of all of the major inbox providers, and what those differences said about inbox providers’ attitudes and beliefs about email. It was that reflection that led me to write What’s Wrong with Email Marketing?

But the question still remains: What’s the next hot email app?

While there have been several new email inbox apps since Gmail launched nearly two decades ago in 2004, these apps have generally had very narrow appeal around niche concerns. Convinced that the next hot email app doesn’t currently exist, I wondered:

  • What company has the ability to build it?
  • What company has the justification to build it?
  • What company has the ability to scale adoption?

Only one company came to mind…Amazon.

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4 Ways to Maximize Double Opt-In Confirmations

4 Ways to Maximize Double Opt-In Confirmations

One of the many impacts of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection is that it’s now significantly more difficult to determine whether a subscriber is active or inactive. This challenge has led to a decline in deliverability rates and contributed to a spike in Spamhaus listings, with many marketers feeling forced to take greater risks as they lose visibility into the engagement of their Apple Mail users. In the not-too-distant future, growing deliverability problems will compel marketers to find ways to reduce these risks.

One such way is to make broader use of double opt-in (DOI). A DOI confirmation process is a valuable tool for protecting your sender reputation and email deliverability, especially when used for offline sign-ups, open sign-up forms, highly incentivized sign-ups, co-registrations, and other subscriber acquisition sources that tend to generate high bounce and complaint rates.

However, many brands hesitate to use DOI because they feel requiring people to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in their sign-up confirmation request email causes fewer people to complete the subscription process. Of course, that’s absolutely true. After all, the primary purpose of a double opt-in process is to screen out risky sign-ups, so you’d expect some addresses to go unconfirmed.

In an ideal world, all email addresses that aren’t confirmed would be spam traps, email bots, malicious sign-ups, and people who aren’t really interested in receiving your emails and will likely unsubscribe or report your emails as spam. However, we know that some truly interested people never confirm their subscription for a variety of reasons.

To minimize that as much as possible, follow these four best practices.

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The Last Word on November 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

2023 Will Break All Email Records – Here’s Why (Only Influencers)

Even The Experts Make Mistakes. (

Zoom Launches New Email Service (Spam Resource)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

Macy’s, 11/2 – It’s officially the holiday season & we’ve got the gifts to prove it
Panera Bread, 11/11 – Get thru the holiday with FREE DRINKS 🥤🎁
Lane Bryant, 11/2 – OK, but you’re missing it.
Uncommon Goods, 11/2 – How to get *into* the holiday spirit
Burlington, 11/2 – Holiday décor is HERE!
Venmo, 11/19 – Like shopping on Amazon?
Kopari Beauty, 11/21 – Don’t buy anything today!
JCPenney Black Friday, 11/11 – Gifts ↓$10 ↓$20 ↓$50…
JCPenney Black Friday, 11/22 – BLACK FRIDAY ⬇️$10 ⬇️$15 ⬇️$20…
Uncommon Goods, 11/22 – You probably know a lot of people
Uncommon Goods, 11/11 – We stuffed the 22 bestsellers of 2022 in this email
Home Depot, 11/11 – Join Us in Thanking Veterans, Today & Every Day
Office Depot, 11/11 – Saluting Veterans Today and Every Day
Applebee’s Grill + Bar, 11/11 – Today, let us serve you!
Bass Pro Shops, 11/11 – A Veterans Day Message
Gap Email Exclusive, 11/11 – Happy 11/11! Your exclusive code & 50% off inside –>
Kohl’s Dashing Deals, 11/11 – Start your weekend with Dashing Deals 🎉 Take 30% off!
Moosejaw, 11/24 – Happy Thanksgiving! Shop 30% off right now 🍗
Zales, 11/22 – 🎁BLACK FRIDAY Is ON! Take Up to 50% Off Black Friday Specials
Lowe’s Home Improvement, 11/24 – Time to shop! Black Friday Deals up to 50% OFF.
Sephora, 11/21 – THEY’RE HERE 💻 Cyber Week deals!
Patagonia, 11/26 – Support small businesses
Lane Bryant, 11/27 – Cyber *Sunday* your way to 10 for $35 panties!
Crate & Barrel, 11/29 – Let’s end hunger together this Giving Tuesday.
Burlington, 11/21 – Get 10% off when you donate a coat to Burlington’s Coat Drive!
Williams Sonoma, 11/2 – Holiday hosting guide from the table to the bar cart
The Container Store, 11/16 – Party Prep: From The Pros To You
Burlington | Holiday, 11/18 – Don’t show up to Thanksgiving empty-handed!
Wegmans, 11/20 – Thanksgiving Turkey 101
Macy’s, 11/22 – Thanksgiving Day Parade alert: major deets below!
NORDSTROM RACK, 11/21 – Women’s sweaters, because holiday dinners
Express, 11/18 – We found the perfect +1 for your next night out…
Gap Email Exclusive, 11/11 – PJs with vacay feels
Neiman Marcus, 11/22 – Gear up: Ski season is approaching
Quiksilver, 11/23 – Light Up The Season With Snoopy And Friends.
Gap Early Black Friday, 11/18 – Now Open: The Character Shop
Banana Republic, 11/2 – Introducing The Gift Shop
Eddie Bauer, 11/7 – Introducing the BC Adaptor Ski Jacket
Eddie Bauer, 11/11 – Introducing Eddie Bauer X Homme + Femme

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Key International Loyalty Regulations for Global Brands to Know

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The Last Word on October 2022

4 Major Factors Impacting Email Marketing Performance This Holiday Season

Measuring your email marketing performance can be tricky in the best of times. Lately, it has been extra challenging. After all, it’s not just about getting the right data. It’s then about sifting through that data to find the right insights.

This holiday season, you’ll want to be mindful of several factors when gauging program success. Let’s begin by discussing two macro economic factors that are impacting overall holiday results, followed by two channel factors that are impacting email marketing results.

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10 Email Marketing Predictions from the Experts

Litmus invited me and 9 other Litmus Live speakers to share their email marketing predictions for 2023. My prediction was about customer data platforms:

The sunsetting of third-party cookies, launch of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and App Tracking Transparency, and other changes have heightened the need of businesses to utilize their cross-channel customer data to make key decisions in their email marketing programs and other operations. Unfortunately, in most cases, that data is scattered across the organization in multiple databases that don’t talk to each other very well, if at all.

Adoption of customer data platforms will accelerate in 2023 because these systems solve this problem by aggregating all customer data in one central repository—as well as cleaning the data, better controlling access to the data, and mobilizing the data for usage across channels. For email marketing, this will lead to more relevant personalization, better segmentation, and smarter automation that leverages a wider array of triggers across channels.

Of the other email marketing predictions, I especially agreed with those by Aaron Beatty, Brian Westnedge, Lee Munroe, and Rebekah K. Josefy.

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