The Last Word on April 2021

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

Consumer Email Tracker: Deep-Dive Insights from the Email Council (DMA UK)

Cookie Anxiety: Why Brands Are Sweating And What They Can Do About It (MediaPost)

21 Email Marketing Thought Leaders: Our Top Picks (Email on Acid)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

Starbucks, 4/1 – Starbucks® Earth Month Game is here 🍃
IKEA, 4/21 – BIG things are happening with the IKEA tiny home!
Hobby Lobby, 4/4 – Hobby Lobby Easter 2021 Message
Victoria’s Secret, 4/27 – What Mom Really Wants: Cozy Everything
Saks Fifth Avenue, 4/13 – Make it personal: Mother’s Day gifts from Shutterfly & more
Saks Fifth Avenue, 4/27 – Saks Chief Merchant Tracy Margolies’ shares her top Mother’s Day gifts
Zales, 4/28 – 🦸‍♀‍ It’s National Superhero Day! Celebrate Your Superhero, MOM
Williams Sonoma, 4/8 – How we make coffee shop drinks at home
Banana Republic, 4/13 – Discover Luxe Athleisure
West Elm, 4/8 – Invitation for living room relaxation
Kohl’s, 4/16 – Create your at-home oasis inside or out.
Target, 4/20 – Patio season has arrived☀️
Target, 4/29 – It’s fire pit time 🔥
Express, 4/29 – Who’s ready for comfy girl summer?
Big Lots, 4/8 – Garden party-ready? You better beLEAF.
Eddie Bauer, 4/13 – Get In The Car, We’re Going CAMPING! 🚘⛺
Nordstrom, 4/13 – Trending sandals: built-up soles, slides, jellies and more
Lane Bryant, 4/8 – Color Crush: Mellow Yellow 🍋🌻💛🌼
Uncommon Goods, 4/2 – ⚾ Happy Opening Day! Diamonds are EVERYONE’s best friend.
ModCloth, 4/20 – Marriage is what brings us together today.
IKEA, 4/1 – Psst…we’ve improved Click & Collect.
Macy’s, 4/7 – New! Shop at your local Macy’s & pay later with Klarna 🤩
Fandango, 4/20 – Your Favorite Theaters Are Open
IKEA, 4/8 – Chad, get a FREE DAY of child care at KinderCare!
Everlane, 4/1 – A Chino For Jeans People—And Vice Versa
Crate & Barrel, 4/13 – Which upholstery is right for your sofa?
Williams Sonoma, 4/24 – Strawberry is all we want + 3 desserts to try…
Gap, 4/6 – ? M ? Y ? S ? T ? E ? R ? Y ?

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12 Inclusive Design Changes to Increase your Marketing Engagement

Subscriber Needs Your Preference Center Should Address

4 Ways to Maximize Double Opt-In Email Confirmations

Holiday Marketing Quarterly: Second Quarter 2021 Checklist

The Last Word on March 2021

13 Inclusive Design Changes to Increase Your Marketing Engagement

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), and other laws forced companies to make their stores, marketing campaigns, and other aspects of their business more accessible to people with disabilities. However, many brands began to realize that huge portions of their customer base benefit from such accommodations.

The understanding that people with permanent, temporary, and situational challenges all benefit from design changes has fueled a transition from accessibility, where post-production accommodations are made based on the exception, to an embrace of inclusive design, a pre-planned intention to be more user-friendly based on inclusion.

To engage a broader audience, Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Lauren Castady recommends incorporating these 12 inclusive design changes into your digital marketing campaign planning…

>> Read the entire article on

Subscriber Needs Your Preference Center Should Address

Despite having lots of tools to optimize contact frequencies based on changing subscriber behaviors, the reliance of most companies on last-click attribution strategies and a focus on short-term campaign-centric goals has created a strong bias toward ever-increasing frequencies across all channels. Inevitably, this will leave many of your customers feeling overmessaged and overwhelmed.

The clearest measure of this frustration can be seen in your active and passive list churn. Your active list churn includes those who opt out by unsubscribing or reporting your messages as spam, while your passive list churn includes those who opt out by ignoring your messages, eventually becoming long-term inactive subscribers.

Having a preference center can be a powerful tool in reducing both of those kinds of churn, giving customers an opportunity to openly and clearly express their current communication desires—not only for contact frequency, but for a range of preferences. In most cases, your preference center replaces your unsubscribe page, making it the last touchpoint you’ll have with many of your subscribers.

For a deep dive on the preference center options to consider…

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

4 Ways to Maximize Double Opt-In Email Confirmations

A double opt-in confirmation process is a valuable tool for protecting your sender reputation and email deliverability, especially when used for offline sign-ups, open sign-up forms, highly incentivized sign-ups, co-registrations, and other instances that tend to generate high bounce and complaint rates. However, many brands hesitate to use it because they feel requiring people to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in their sign-up confirmation request email causes fewer people to complete the subscription process.

Of course, that’s absolutely true. After all, the primary purpose of a double opt-in process is to screen out risky sign-ups, so you’d expect some addresses to go unconfirmed. In an ideal world, all email addresses that aren’t confirmed would be spam traps, email bots, malicious sign-ups, and people who aren’t really interested in receiving your emails and will likely unsubscribe or report your emails as spam.

However, we know that some truly interested people never confirm their subscription for a variety of reasons. To minimize that as much as possible, follow these four best practices:

>> Read the entire article on

2021 Q2 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives B2C brands a quarter-by-quarter checklist for how to achieve more during the critical holiday season with their email marketing and other digital marketing channels. Along with guidance on planning, strategy, and prioritization, you’ll get advice and tips from some of Oracle Marketing Consulting’s more than 500 digital marketing experts.

Our second quarter checklist is focused on finishing your review of the 2020 holiday season and then making a range of improvements to everything from subscriber acquisition to performance reporting to campaign production. In this Holiday Marketing Quarterly, we’ll cover:

  1. Holiday Messaging Competitive Intelligence
  2. Subscriber Acquisition Source Optimization
  3. Unsubscribe Process Optimization
  4. Improved Analytics & Reporting
  5. Experimentation & Testing
  6. Accelerate Campaign Build Processes

For details on each of those areas…

>> Download the 18-page Second Quarter 2021 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

The Last Word on March 2021

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…The Last Word

Must-read articles, posts & reports

Is Your C-Suite Equipped to Lead a Digital Transformation? (Harvard Business Review)

What Do Website Visitors Want? It’s Not What B2B Brands Are Giving Them (Orbit Media Studios)

Introducing the Dark Storefront: A New Way Of Shopping Online (Independent Retailer)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

Williams Sonoma, 3/1 – Three easy Easter baking projects
Crate & Barrel, 3/4 – Take a peep at our Easter meal prep guide 
Nordstrom, 3/20 – Instant Outfit: Easter Sunday
Michaels, 3/1 – Get inspired by these talented women making beautiful things.
VS PINK, 3/8 – Happy International Women’s Day! 💪 👩
IKEA, 3/8 – Watch Zara Larsson live in concert on International Women’s Day!
Williams Sonoma, 3/8 – Women-made products to celebrate International Women’s Day
Express, 3/8 – Who runs these brands? GIRLS❤️
Gap, 3/8 – We’re honoring International Women’s Day with real stories
Nintendo, 3/10 – Save now with the MAR10 Day sale!
Express, 3/10 – Losing an hour of 💤? Here’s 30% off UpWest Sleep & Lounge
Nordstrom, 3/12 – New to Nordstrom: EveVen by Venus Williams
Everlane, 3/4 – New: The ThermoStat™ Tee
Quiksilver, 3/31 – We recycled plastic bottles to create these shorts
VS PINK Swim, 3/4 – NEW Swim that is kinder to the planet 🌎🌊
Target, 3/4 – Patio sets perfect for every outdoor space☀️
The Home Depot, 3/20 –☀️It’s The First Day of Spring☀️
West Elm, 3/21 – It’s spring! Bring on the PLANTERS 💐
Eddie Bauer, 3/19 – Every Body Belongs Outside 🌳 🌲 🌳
Kohl’s, 3/25 – Must-haves for those sunny days ahead. 😎
ModCloth, 3/9 – Shop these picnic-me-ups 🧺
DICK’S Sporting Goods, 3/13 – Up to 30% Off Select Outdoor Gear to Get Outside!
Victoria’s Secret, 3/2 – All the Out of Office Vibes
Good Sam TravelAssist, 3/1 – Travel looks a little different these days… Be prepared for the unexpected.
Camping World RV, 3/31 – Shake Off That Zoom Gloom In A New RV!
Office Depot, 3/1 – You deserve a clean slate and fresh start
MoMA Design Store, 3/2 – A New Way to Fall Asleep
Panera Bread, 3/2 – Still sleepy, Chad? Leave breakfast to us.
West Elm, 3/4 – The rug equivalent of a cozy sweater
Express, 3/19 – 40% OFF DRESSES + TOPS | Wear this from 🧘 to 👩‍💻 to 🍷
SUBWAY Restaurants, 3/11 – Buy 1 Footlong, get 1 50% off on Grubhub
Petco, 3/13 – Need it today? We can deliver on that!
Lowe’s Home Improvement, 3/2 – Say hello to our newest small business partners.
Saks Fifth Avenue, 3/1 – Fashion Month Insider Spotlight: Bettina Looney shares her styling secrets
IKEA, 3/4 – ATTENTION: Huge, augmented reality related news inside.
IKEA, 3/12 – Introducing: The first ever IKEA Audio Catalog.

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Things People Say That Show They Don’t Understand Email Marketing

On-Demand Webinar: The Biggest Shifts in Email Marketing Trends for 2021

Automated Campaign Ideas to Explore: An Oracle Consulting Checklist

Uplers: 29 Experts on Email Trends to Watch for in 2021

Email Marketing Trends for 2021: Proven Essentials

The Last Word on February 2021

Things People Say That Show They Don’t Understand Email Marketing

Email marketing is a complex channel that routinely isn’t appreciated by outsiders—and particularly by executives. That became all the more clear when I recently fired off this tweet:

Things people say that make me think they don’t really understand #emailmarketing:

“Sending an email is easy.”
“Email marketing is cheap.”
“There are no rules.”
“Email hasn’t changed in 20 years.”

#EmailGeeks, what are your verbal red flags?

That tweet uncorked a torrent of pent up frustrations. And some themes became clear rather quickly. Here are the big ones, along with just some of the tweets from the #EmailGeeks community on Twitter…

>> Read the entire post on

The Biggest Shifts in Email Marketing Trends for 2021

The extraordinary events of the past year heavily influenced email marketing investments last year and are shaping the trends that will dominate 2021. We can see those shifts in the results of our second annual Email Marketing Trends Survey, where we surveyed Oracle Marketing Consulting’s more than 500 digital marketing experts. We asked them to rate 26 email marketing tactics and technologies, both in terms of their perceived adoption right now and their anticipated impact in 2021.

We then organized them into adoption-impact quadrants. Our consultants’ ratings placed three trends in our low adoption–low impact quadrant of Unproven Opportunities; 12 trends in our low adoption–high impact quadrant of Competitive Differentiators; 11 trends in our high adoption–high impact quadrant of Proven Essentials; and none in our high adoption–low impact quadrant of Established Commodities.

While you can learn more about each of those trends via the links above, in this 26-minute on-demand webinar we focus on how email marketers’ priorities have shifted in response to the pandemic. In addition to listing the quadrant groupings of all 26 email trends, we share:

  • The 1 trend that had the biggest decrease in adoption
  • The 2 trends that had the biggest decrease in impact
  • The 3 trends that had the biggest increases in adoption
  • The 3 trends that had the biggest increases in impact
  • The 5 trends that changed quadrants
  • The 5 trends that have the highest impact overall

There are clear patterns in these changes that paint a bigger picture of what marketers are focused on. We hope that this webinar, as well as our other posts on Email Marketing Trends for 2021, help inform your priorities for this year.

>> Watch the free webinar on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

Automated Campaign Ideas to Explore

Checklists can inspire you, help you identify gaps, allow you to take inventory, and provide an easy-to-follow action plan. At Oracle Marketing Consulting, we use checklists all the time with our clients. In fact, we love them so much that we wanted to share some of our most useful checklists, including this one about automated campaign ideas.

Whether sent via email, SMS, push, or other digital channels, automated campaigns are among the most effective campaigns you’ll ever send, generating return on investments that are well above that of broadcast campaigns. These messages are so effective because they deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. They’re able to do that because they’re triggered by one of four behaviors:

  1. An action taken by the subscriber or customer or by the brand
  2. Inaction over a period of time by the subscriber or customer
  3. A date that’s important to the individual subscriber or customer
  4. A signal from an internet-connected device owned by the customer

For a checklist of more than 110 automated campaigns that fall into each of those categories, along with advice and insights from our digital marketing consultants…

>> Download the checklist for free

29 Email Experts on Email Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2021

After a rollercoaster 2020, companies are reevaluating their email marketing strategies for 2021. To aid those efforts, Uplers asked me and 28 other email marketing experts to discuss the trends that we see driving the industry forward this year.

My prediction centered around the K-shaped recovery and how thats translating into vastly different email marketing priorities for companies that have done well during the pandemic, such as ecommerce and digital entertainment companies, and those that have suffered, like travel and hospitality companies. At the same time, there are some trends that will be popular across both groups.

For my entire prediction, and to read the predictions from the other 28 experts…

>> Read the full post on the Uplers blog


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