The Best Use Cases for Live Content in Emails

Live Content in Emails

The second you send an email, the content in it starts to age. While some content is evergreen and maintains its relevance until whenever your subscribers open your email, other content has a limited lifespan, after which it’s considerably less useful—or completely useless. However, live content can make sure that your content is fresh no matter when your email is opened.

That’s because live content is populated at the time that an individual subscriber opens your email, not at the time that you send it. This not only ensures that your email content is timely, it also allows marketers to include content in their emails that would be difficult to include otherwise.

While image caching by Gmail and Yahoo Mail can sometimes short circuit live content, it’s still powerful. In fact, because of live content’s unique benefits, Oracle Marketing Consultants consider it to be a low adoption–high impact email marketing trend, which means that using live content offers not only significant benefits but also a competitive advantage.

Live content is most effective when used to display content that changes rapidly. Here is our list of the use cases where we think it delivers the biggest impact:

  • Live countdown timers
  • Account dashboards
  • Real-time inventory
  • Live poll results
  • Device targeting
  • Calendar invites
  • Live sports scores, medal counts, etc.
  • Local weather
  • Local maps
  • Social media feeds

In this blog post, Oracle Consulting’s Nick Cantu talks about each of those in turn.

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Modular Email Architecture webinar - Jan 21 at 1pm ET

Classic email templates are becoming obsolete. They are difficult to maintain, don’t offer enough flexibility, make personalization cumbersome, and take too much time to turn into a final email campaign that’s ready to send. Because of all of those weaknesses, more companies are migrating to modular email architectures and reaping significant improvements.

In this webinar, we’ll explain:

  • How modular email architecture differs from traditional email templates
  • The benefits of having a modular email architecture
  • The popularity and adoption rate of this way of creating emails
  • What’s involved in building a modular email architecture
  • How Oracle CX Marketing Consulting and our clients use modular email architecture

You’ll leave this webinar with a clear understanding of how modular email architecture can speed up your email production, improve your testing, increase your use of personalization, and more.

Modular Email Architecture: The Next-Generation Email Template
Date: Jan. 21, 2021
Time: 1pm ET/10 am PT
Duration: 1 hour

Your presenters:
Jason Witt, Senior Director of Creative Services, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting
Nick Cantu, Senior Art Director for Creative Services, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting
Chad S. White, Head of Research, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting (moderator)

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Email Deliverability Quarterly: Gmail’s Spam Rate Recalculation, CPRA Passes, and More

Email deliverability is constantly changing, as inbox providers adjust their filtering algorithms, blacklists tweak their listing criteria, and consumers evolve their definition of spam. That’s why even the best email marketing programs suffer deliverability problems sometimes.

To help you avoid trouble, the Email Deliverability Services team at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting shares the latest news and tips for what to watch out for in our latest Email Deliverability Quarterly.

In this post, Brian Sullivan, Clea Moore, and Shine Lyui explain how the following news and events will impact marketers’ email deliverability:

  • Gmail recalculates their Spam Rate
  • California expands CCPA with passage of CPRA
  • Yahoo Mail supports AMP for Email

For the full discussion of each of these issues…

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The Last Word on December 2020

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Saks Fifth Avenue, 12/17 – What comedian Hasan Minhaj is gifting his family this year
Saks Fifth Avenue, 12/3 – Saks Chief Merchant Tracy Margolies shares her holiday picks, 12/2 – 🚨 FINAL HOURS – for 50% Back in Moosejaw Rewards
Express Cyber Sale, 12/1 – BONUS DAY: Cyber Tuesday is here! Big Deals from $15
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Staples, 12/8 – Remote worker or learner? This deal’s for you.
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A Safe and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday season!

The Most Overlooked Digital Marketing Channel - Direct Mail

Hear us out. Direct mail has changed. A lot of marketers think of it as static offset printed letters and postcards that are mass market. While that’s still the case for some direct mail, the channel as a whole has learned a lot of new tricks over the years. Today, with digital printing, smart presses, and integration with other channels, it can mirror much of the functionality we love in email marketing, including:

  • Personalization of direct mail content, both images and copy
  • Individually attributable results, so a campaign’s return on investment can be calculated
  • Segmentation, so direct mail pieces go to people who are mostly likely to respond
  • Automation to send the right direct mail pieces to the right people at the right time
  • Omnichannel orchestration to take direct mail out of its silo and integrate it with broader cross-channel efforts

In this post, Oracle Consulting’s Jonathan McClure talks about each of those in turn…

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Managing Inactive Subscribers: Both Long-Term Inactives and Never-Actives

Subscriber engagement is one of the most important factors that determine your email deliverability. That not only means that senders need to use tactics and strategies that increase engagement, such as good email design and targeting, but they need to closely manage their inactive subscribers. These are the subscribers who aren’t opening or clicking, which hurts how engaged your subscribers appear in the eyes of inbox providers.

When developing a plan for managing them, it’s critical to ensure that you have a plan for both kinds of inactive subscribers:

  • Long-term inactives are subscribers who used to be active but haven’t opened or clicked an email in a long time
  • Never-actives are subscribers who are new to your list and haven’t opened or clicked a single email since they signed up

Both pose a risk to your engagement rates, as well as both being a spam trap risk. In this blog post, Daniel Deneweth, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s Head of Email Deliverability Services, looks at each one and talk about how to manage them.

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Email Rendering Continues to Grow in Complexity, Wildly So at the Fringes

The idea of a pixel-perfect email rendering across every email client died a long time ago. The challenge for most of the past decade has been to achieve platform-perfect rendering, where an email renders up to the fullest capabilities of a particular inbox provider.

But even that is an increasingly tall order for four main reasons:

  • The traditional landscape of email clients is still quite expansive
  • The viewing options selected by email recipients
  • The decision of senders to use email content and code that has limited support or inconsistent implementations
  • The growth of browserless email clients with limited rendering functionality and conversion ability

Let’s talk about each of them in turn, starting with…

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The Last Word on October 2020

Cyber Monday Email Marketing Activity & Sales Continue Weakening Trend

With consumers struggling financially and retailers having succeeded in pulling holiday sales into early November and even October, the downward trend in sales and email marketing activity during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend continued on Cyber Monday.

Oracle Marketing Consulting predicted a 10% increase in email volume on Cyber Monday during their Choosing the Best Days to Send Email Campaigns This Holiday Season webinar in August. However, official numbers show that B2C marketers sent 10.9% fewer emails on Cyber Monday compared to last year, according to data from Oracle Marketing Consulting based on a panel of more than 40 major national B2C brands using the Oracle Responsys Campaign Management platform.

On Cyber Monday, preliminary performance data shows that unique email open rates were down 13.1% year-over-year and revenue per email was down 35.6%, according to Oracle’s panel data.

For all the details…

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