Everybody Hates Your Brand podcast: Personalization & Its Limits

Everybody Hates Your Brand podcast: Personalization & Its Limits

Personalization is perennially a top email marketing priority. Does that indicate a massive failure or is something else at work?

I join Everyone Hates Your Brand podcast host Rob Voase to talk about all things personalization. We talk about priorities, challenges, avoiding creepiness, and much more. Here’s a rundown of our conversation:

1:25 – My current role at Oracle Digital Experience Agency and my background
7:10 – Why personalization is perennially at the top of marketers’ to-do lists
9:05 – Why personalization and privacy aren’t in conflict
11:20 – How data availability undermines personalization efforts
14:40 – Content, frequency, and urgency expectation differences across channels
16:55 – Convincing marketers that personalization is worthwhile
19:30 – Using AI for personalization
22:40 – Avoiding creepy uses of customer data
27:45 – Recognizing that some topics are extra sensitive
29:00 – How A/B testing is a form of listening
31:05 – How brands go wrong with testing
34:40 – How to prioritize what you’re testing
36:00 – Testing to learn or testing to win
39:10 – People are weird
41:20 – Why keeping a log of testing is important for omnichannel optimization
43:40 – What I would like to banish from email marketing thinking

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