Inc.: Want Higher Open Rates? Send Good Emails Consistently

Want Higher Open Rates- Send Good Emails Consistently

ZeroBounce’s Email Statistics Report for 2024 is full of interesting insights about consumers’ inbox and email behaviors, but one of the more interesting ones is this:

47% of people stated that the primary reason they open all emails from a brand is that the brand always sends them relevant messages.

In reading that, I told Livui Tanase, founder and CEO of ZeroBounce, that their research confirmed once again that your sender name is more powerful than the oft-lauded subject line. That’s because your sender name brings to the surface all of your subscriber’s feelings about their recent interactions with your brand. So, for instance, if the last email interaction they had was good, then they’re much more likely to engage with your latest email. I call this the zero stage of an email interaction.

Livui shared this and much more in his latest column for Inc.

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