Surveys, Polls, Forms, & Progressive Profiling: Writing Questions that Deliver Valuable Insights

Surveys, Polls, Forms, and Progressive Profiling- How to Write Questions That Deliver Valuable Insights

With the end of third-party cookies, brands are increasingly focusing on collecting more zero-party data directly from their customers and prospects so they can better understand their needs and wants. While larger surveys will play a role, most brands will gain insights a few answers at a time through signup forms, profile pages, polls, and other forms of progressive profiling.

It sounds simple, but writing a good question and collecting reliable answers is harder than it seems. Indeed, things can go wrong:

  1. Before you write a question
  2. When writing the question
  3. When writing answer choices
  4. Around the timing
  5. When analyzing the responses
  6. When repeating data collection

Let’s talk about best practices and things to look out for during each of those steps.

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