2024 State of Email Trends Report

2024 State of Email Trends Report

Building on our long-running annual research on email marketing trends, Oracle Digital Experience Agency has partnered with Litmus on a new State of Email Trends report that brings to light valuable details and critical nuances around which email tactics and technologies marketers are using and the success they’re seeing.

The report examines dozens of email trends, helping you understand which might be best for your brand to pursue. It does this not only by sharing both the adoption and performance of each trend reported by nearly 500 marketers, but also by breaking those down across industries and organization size.

  • Which email tactics and technologies are seeing the least adoption?
  • Which ones are B2B brands using most?
  • Are small businesses seeing success with generative AI?

The 2024 State of Email Trends report answers those questions and many more.

>> Get your free copy at Litmus.com 

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