How to Transform Your Customer Experience with a CDP

Brands are struggling with a myriad of forces, including disjointed omnichannel experiences, rapid consumer behavior changes, the sunsetting of third-party cookies, and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection. Increasingly, they’re realizing that a big part of dealing with each of those challenges is to bring all their customer data together in one place—a customer data platform (CDP). However, the CDP landscape is confusing and many are not sure what the right choice is for them.

In this 49-minute on-demand webinar, Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Kaiti Gary, Patrick Maxwell, and I clear things up by:

  • Discussing the pain points a CDP addresses
  • Defining the four kinds of CDPs
  • Explaining how to define your needs
  • Sharing 7 use cases to help you assess your needs

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5 Truths about Inactive Email Subscribers

“Should you email inactive subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked any of your promotional emails in a long time?” That seemingly simple question is actually fraught with nuance and complexity. But it’s critical to have a clear answer because maintaining your email engagement levels is probably the biggest factor determining your email deliverability.

Let’s decode that question by discussing five truths about inactive email subscribers.

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The Last Word on April 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

10 Email Marketing Experts Predict the Future of Email in 2032 (Email Design Review)

How Many Email Marketers Are Actually Writing “Dark Mode” Code? (SendView)

You’re Still Being Tracked on the Internet, Just in a Different Way (The New York Times)

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Litmus: Are You Tracking the Right Email Marketing KPIs?

How to Trim Your Out-of-Control Martech Stack

Second Quarter 2022 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

The Last Word on March 2022

Are you tracking the right email marketing KPIs

Marketing shifts like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection have changed the meaning of open rates. That’s left many marketers wondering which email marketing KPIs truly offer valuable insights.

In this hour-long on-demand webinar hosted by Litmus, I join Dan Oshinsky of Inbox Collective and Bree Rostic of HubSpot to discuss:

  • Whether open rates still matter
  • Which metrics are the most important
  • Reporting cadences
  • How to get a single truth that pulls email into the broader business impact picture
  • Analytic toolsets
  • What should be included in a dashboard
  • And more

>> Watch the webinar recording on-demand

How to Trim Your Out-of-Control Martech Stack

I couldn’t agree more with Bonnie Crater’s first prediction in her recent MarketingProfs article on the Top 3 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2022, which is that “B2B marketers will trim their tech stacks.” In her article, she says, “B2B marketers will look for opportunities to consolidate and simplify their tech stacks, paring down the number of solutions they use to more manageable levels.”

This has been a recurring theme among our discussions with our clients, especially during the pandemic, which has not only pressured companies’ bottom lines but also their ability to react quickly and coherently to changing customer behaviors and needs. What we’ve heard repeatedly is client after client wondering aloud how their sprawling martech stack got to its current state, which can best be described as a Frankenstein’s monster.

In this article, I talk about how marketers got to this point, the mounting costs of a best-of-breed approach, and the merits of a best-of-suite approach.

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Second Quarter 2022 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

The holiday season doesn’t have an off-season. Having a successful holiday season means executing a successful year-round strategy. Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives B2C brands a quarter-by-quarter plan for how to achieve more during the critical holiday season with their email marketing and other digital marketing channels.

Our second quarter checklist is focused on finishing your review of the 2021 holiday season and then making a range of improvements to everything from subscriber acquisition to performance reporting to campaign production. In this Holiday Marketing Quarterly, we’ll cover:

  1. Holiday Messaging Competitive Intelligence
  2. Subscriber Acquisition Source Optimization
  3. Unsubscribe Process Optimization
  4. Improving Analytics & Reporting
  5. Experimentation & Testing
  6. Accelerating Campaign Build Processes

For the full checklist…

>> Download the free, no-form Holiday Marketing Quarterly

The Last Word on March 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

Apple’s ‘Hide My Email’ Adoption Rates and What to Do About It (FreshAddress)

4 Qualities of an Intent-Driven Marketing Automation Email Program (MarTech)

When Content Impacts Deliverability (Kickbox)

E.U. Takes Aim at Big Tech’s Power With Landmark Digital Act (New York Times)

16 Trailblazing Female Email Marketers Speak Up for International Women’s Day 2022 (Pure360)

When email goes wrong with Laura Atkins of Word to the Wise (Mailgun)

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Noteworthy subject lines

ANA Marketing 360 A.M., 3/7 – We’re Urging Members to Support Sanctions Imposed by U.S. Against Russia
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Saks Fifth Avenue, 3/8 – 3 game-changing women on what International Women’s Day means to them
Lane Bryant, 3/8 – For you, on International Women’s Day 💕
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Lane Bryant, 3/27 – And the award for BEST DEAL ENDING TONIGHT is…
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Express, 3/18 – Celebrate National Confidence Day with Tan France 🎉
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ModCloth, 3/11 – How to time travel.
West Elm, 3/20 – The perfect sofa does not exi-
IKEA Family, 3/10 – Create a space that’s full of personality
Target, 3/17 – Is it time for a bathroom refresh? ⏰
MoMA Design Store, 3/5 –Your Laundry Day, Transformed
Gap Friends & Family – Code FRIEND for 40% off. Rewards Members save MORE –>
Williams Sonoma, 3/16 – Calphalon Elite is BACK IN STOCK + guide to non-stick cookware
West Elm, 3/25 – Big news: The West Elm Registry app is here!
Eddie Bauer, 3/8 – Introducing Eddie Bauer Stories
Express, 3/29 – TONIGHT: Find ‘fits for every RSVP on Express Live 🎥
Macy’s, 3/22 – Own Your Style: check out our new hub for brands, inspo, and all the spring trends ✨
Inspire by Namecheap, 3/27 – UX/UI trends you must follow in 2022

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Loyalty Program Liabilities: Definitions & Recommendations

5 Ways to Generate More Loyalty & Email Signups

Inboxing Podcast: Special Guest Chad White

How to Use Apple’s Auto Opens Safely

6 Ways to ‘Review and Improve’ Your Automated Emails

The Future of Email Podcast: A Conversation with Chad S. White of Oracle

The Biggest Shifts in Email Marketing Trends for 2022

How Mail Privacy Protection Is Changing How Email Marketing Performance Is Measured

The Last Word on February 2022

How do you think the email industry did during the pandemic?

Email marketing was in heavy use during the early months of the pandemic. Webbula reached out to 9 email marketing experts, including me, to get our take on how the email industry did?

There were definitely a variety of opinions on just how we did as an industry. In my answer to the question, I focused on two things:

  1. The role that empathy played in brands’ email messaging, and
  2. How companies that were constrained in their messaging used brand building

To read my response, as well as the eight others…

>> Read the full article on the Webbula Blog

Loyalty Program Liabilities: Definitions and Recommendations

When you launch a points-based loyalty program, you’re creating a micro-economy with its own currency, market dynamics, and—most importantly from a legal standpoint—liabilities. Because these points can have monetary value that’s realized at the time of redemption, companies must defer revenue to cover these costs.

In this post, Oracle CrowdTwist Senior Strategist Carly Mathews reviews key terms and definitions from the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s lengthy guidance on loyalty program accounting, including:

  • Points issued
  • Points burned
  • Outstanding points
  • Redemption rate
  • Cost per point

With an understanding of all of those terms, you’re then able to calculate your loyalty program liability.

>> Read the entire post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

5 Ways to Generate More Loyalty & Email Signups

The sunsetting of third-party cookies is putting added pressure on marketers to grow their email subscriber and loyalty member audiences. In addition to needing to collect more email addresses as identifiers, they need the zero- and first-party data these programs generate to improve targeting and personalization across all their advertising and marketing efforts.

Here are five ways to boost your loyalty and email signups:

  1. Sell the benefits of signing up
  2. Make your signup forms simpler
  3. Make your signup forms more user-friendly
  4. Make your signup forms more prominent
  5. Use many subscriber acquisition sources

For more details on each of those…

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