AI-Generated Code- Generative AI Concerns & Opportunities for Marketers

Ready or not, we’re rapidly heading into a world where generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and others do more of marketers’ day-to-day work. That transition is not much in question. The only question is how well your organization makes that transition.

To make that transition as smoothly as possible, we recommend taking a cautious and realistic approach toward the here-and-now of these technologies, while keeping an optimistic long-term view. That starts with having a solid understanding of how these technologies work, including what they’re capable of and what they’re not.

Having that understanding will help you deploy generative AI in ways that will help your business grow, and either avoid or safeguard against situations where AI leads to costly errors or embarrassing customer experiences.

Because the issues and use cases around generative AI vary depending on whether you’re outputting text, images, or code, we’re addressing each of those separately. In this post, we’re focusing on generative AI for code.

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What’s One Tool Email Marketers Aren’t Using But Should?

I join 10 other email experts in this Webbula roundup as we answer the question: What’s one program or tool email marketers aren’t doing but should be doing?

I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only participant to cheat a little and give more than one answer. For larger senders, I think BIMI is underused, especially in light of Apple’s new support for the standard. However, for senders of all sizes, it’s re-permission programs that aren’t seeing enough adoption, particularly considering how much more difficult Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection is making it to accurately tell if a subscriber is inactive or not.

To watch my full answer, as well as the advice of the other experts…

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Picking the Right Sender Name- Brand or Person?

Perhaps it’s the focus on empathy and connecting with our subscribers on a human level. Or it’s all of the emphasis on writing in plain English—using colloquialisms, sentence fragments, emojis, and even slang. Or maybe it’s the risky desire to con their way into the Primary tab instead of the Promotions tab.

Whatever the reason, some brands have gotten the message that it’s in their best interest to position their emails as coming from a person—the CEO, a salesperson, a support rep, almost anyone—rather from their brand. This pressure appears to be the greatest among B2B brands, but can also affect B2C brands like Peloton, which has sent bulk emails that appear to be from their instructors.

Done in the wrong way, this tactic can cause a number of problems. Let’s talk about those problems and how to avoid them.

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The Gmail Promotions Tab- 10 Years of Email Marketing Misunderstandings

Ten years ago, Gmail introduced inbox tabs, including the infamous Promotions tab. Among marketers, the development caused panic. You see, there were reports that open rates were slipping at Gmail, and marketers blamed the Promotions tab. To combat this shift, many major senders ran campaigns asking their subscribers to re-tab their emails from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab.

Fast forward to today and such requests are exceedingly rare. Most brands recognize—like it or not—tabs are here to stay. Indeed, having been copied by other inbox providers to various degrees, tabbed inbox interfaces are now common and highly accepted by and familiar to consumers.

However, some senders continue to fight against tabs. So, here on the 10-year anniversary of Gmail Tabs, let’s talk about five truths about tabs, as well as some real new concerns.

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The Last Word on July 2023

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and social buzz you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

Consumers Worldwide Are Most Willing To Share their Email Address (MediaPost)

Public Web Unravels in AI-Driven Storm (Axios)

Rising Interest Rates Might Herald the End of the Open Internet (Wired)

Animated Gifs (

The Best 577 Welcome Email Examples in 2023 (Really Good Emails)

Insightful & entertaining social posts

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Diesel, 7/3 – Summer’s Must-Have Accessories
West Elm, 7/23 – Take your relaxing moments outside
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Gap Email Exclusive, 7/12 – The beary cutest 1st birthday gifts
Michaels, 7/10 – 📯 Camp Creatology has begun! Register your kiddo in fun arts and crafts classes in store or online →, 7/14 – Make learning fun!
kate spade surprise, 7/17 – Our school shop is here! Check out styles from $25
IKEA Family, 7/12 – Get ready for college with IKEA
The Company Store, 7/14 – 25% Off Back to College
Crate & Barrel, 7/14 – Introducing | The Dorm Shop
Duluth Trading, 7/14 – $14 Buck Naked Underwear For National Naked Day!
Spirit Halloween, 7/25 – 🔪 We’re slashing animatronic prices!, 7/16 – I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For…, 7/18 – NEW at 🍪 🍪 🍪
Clinique Online, 7/14 – 🎀 Do this before lipstick 💋
Williams Sonoma, 7/23 – Give your home a signature scent
Gap, 7/5 – 1,000 five-star reviews + Up to 75% OFF MARKDOWNS
Clinique Online, 7/3 – Our best body smoothers.
Abercrombie & Fitch, 7/14 – Open if you need a new dress.
Zara, 7/31 – HOME – NEW COLLECTION, 7/14 – Just arrived: the bag that ticks all the “boxxes”
Spirit Halloween, 7/19 – Coming soon: NEW Barbie the Movie costumes! 💕
Allbirds, 7/18 – Allbirds X Olivia Rubin in 3, 2, 1

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12 Trends a-Trending: What to Plan for This Holiday Season

Digital Marketing Tests to Run in the Runup to the Holiday Season

5 Foundational Marketing Books You Need to Read

Third Quarter 2023 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

Making Seasonal Adjustments to Automated Campaigns to Boost Results

Is Your Brand Trusted Significantly More than ChatGPT?

The Last Word on June 2023

12 Trends a-Trending: What to Plan for This Holiday Season

The 2023 holiday season is shaping up to be as dynamic and turbulent as the past few have been. But knowing what to expect and proper planning can help make the best of another tough holiday season.

Here are our predictions for 12 trends to account for in your holiday campaign planning process:

  1. Shopper Anxiety & Uncertainty
  2. Consumer Financials Weakening
  3. In-Store Shopping Evolving
  4. Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Hits 2-Year Anniversary
  5. Apple’s Link Tracking Protection Debuts
  6. Holiday Season Starts in October
  7. Veterans Day Is in Play This Year
  8. Sprawl of Marquee Shopping Days
  9. More Last-Minute Shopping Options
  10. Leveraging New Tech Capabilities
  11. Measuring More Holistically
  12. Hard Landing vs. Soft Landing

For a discussion of each of those trends, plus how marketers should respond…

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Digital Marketing Tests to Run in the Runup to the Holiday Season

The back-to-school season, Labor Day, and Halloween represent great opportunities to better align with your ever-changing customers before heading into the all-important holiday season, when digital marketing misalignments are most costly.

  • Is your branding strong?
  • Are your offers clear and focused on what’s in it for your audience?
  • Are we making it easy for our audience to do what we want them to do?
  • Are we differentiating ourselves in the inbox?
  • What words and imagery are your customers responding to most?
  • Is your audience feeling the pinch financially or spending freely?

The way to answer these questions and others is to experiment and run A/B tests. Here are eight digital marketing tests we highly recommend.

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5 Foundational Marketing Books You Need to Read

Here at Oracle Marketing Consulting, we know we’re only as good as our ideas and our ability to execute. In other words, we’re only as good as our people. That means we not only aim to hire the most talented strategists, designers, analysts, coders, and account managers around, we are also constantly looking for ways to help them become even better at helping our clients exceed their business goals.

One of the ways we do that is by recommending books that can make them more effective—not only as marketers, but as team members and leaders. We’d like to share those recommendations with you, too.

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Third Quarter 2023 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

The holiday season doesn’t have an off-season. Having a successful holiday season means executing a successful year-round strategy. Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives you a quarter-by-quarter plan for how to achieve more during this critical time of the year.

The third quarter is focused on the final prep for the start of the holiday season. In this Holiday Marketing Quarterly, we’ll cover:

  1. Campaign Planning
  2. Workload Management
  3. Contingency Planning
  4. Audience Optimization
  5. Performance Monitoring Plans
  6. Solidifying Your MarTech Stack

For the full checklist…

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Making Seasonal Adjustments to Automated Campaigns to Boost Performance

Automated campaigns—whether sent via email, SMS, or mobile push—perform so well that they’re often overlooked as not needing attention. However, it’s because of their high engagement and conversion rates that we should be constantly giving automated campaigns extra attention and trying to make them even better.

This is especially true during the holiday season, which is make-or-break for most B2C brands. Here are several areas to focus on…

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