Get Inspiration from Our Holiday Subject Line Word Cloud

Get Inspiration from Our Holiday Subject Line Word Cloud

As you plan your holiday promotional email campaigns, you’ll certainly want to draft subject lines for your intended campaigns. In fact, you’ll want to write multiple subject lines for each one so you can do some A/B testing. To get you inspired, we created a holiday subject line word cloud based on more than 1,800 subject lines used by national retailers between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021.

If you’re unfamiliar with word clouds, the more frequently a word is used, the larger it is in the word cloud. So, for instance, some of the most commonly used words in our word cloud include: get, holiday, gifts, deals, save, last, ends, and now.

While that’s interesting, Kelly Moran and I take a deeper dive into what this word cloud reveals about email subject line writing during the holidays and how that can help you write better holiday subject lines.

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