8 Reasons to Pause Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

The Sept. 8 passing of Queen Elizabeth II prompted many UK brands to suspend their email, SMS, social media, and other digital marketing campaigns out of reverence and respect—as well as out of fear of coming across as insensitive if they were to continue with business as usual. Such moves are wise, as they forgo some engagement and revenue in the short-term in order to avoid backlashes that cause brand damage and audience loss that significantly impact long-term performance.

Sadly, brands have faced an increasing number of circumstances in which they’ve decided it was in their best interest to cancel or delay their digital marketing campaigns, either on a national or regional basis. To respond quickly, your company should agree on the circumstances that would typically lead it to take action.

Consider these 8 reasons to halt your marketing campaigns…

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The Last Word on September 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

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Insightful & entertaining tweets

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The Last Word on August 2022

What are the top 3 skills for a successful email marketer in 2023

Along with 9 other email experts, I share what I think are the top 3 skills that an email marketers need to have to be successful. For me, they need to have:

  1. Curiosity…about consumer behavior, new platform developments, and more
  2. A comfort with numbers, as the art and science of email marketing increasingly skews toward the science
  3. Solid communication skills, as email marketing desilos and becomes an integral part of an omnichannel marketing strategy

To see my full answers, and to see everyone else’s too…

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Digital Marketers Are Afraid to Make Mistakes- 4 Negative Repercussions

Basketball hall of famer and greatest of all time Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

While athletes, entrepreneurs, and many other professionals have a healthy perspective on failure as a route to success, that’s not always the case with digital marketing professionals. For instance, Oracle Marketing Consulting ran a poll last year asking if digital marketers were hesitant to admit to mistakes for fear of being fired or suffering other repercussions and a shockingly high 78% said yes.

That’s roughly in line with a 2017 poll by Litmus where only 32% of respondents said that email marketing was a failure-friendly channel. In a separate 2016 poll by Litmus, more than 11% of respondents said that they personally knew someone who’d been fired for making an email marketing mistake.

Having a zero tolerance for mistakes in digital marketing is an unrealistic standard that no team can live up to for very long. Such a policy shows an unfamiliarity with the reality of how these channels operate and how digital campaigns are crafted and launched. But more than that, it creates anxiety, secrecy, and risk-aversion that hold digital marketing programs back long-term in four ways…

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Good Taxonomy Leads to Great Digital Marketing Optimization Opportunities

Digital marketing is flush with optimization opportunities, but only if you have a highly organized program. A central key to that is having a solid taxonomy, where you use tagging to keep track of various program elements. This kind of tagging system is key to easily and regularly optimizing your:

  • Audience acquisition sources
  • Calls-to-actions
  • Content types
  • Campaign performance

Let’s talk about how tagging helps with each of those…

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Email Marketing in Flux - The Biggest Changes Impacting the Channel

Email marketing is more powerful than ever, but the strategies and tactics needed to succeed are changing because of 3 mega-trends:

  1. The sunsetting of third-party cookies driving an increased focus on customer identification and the collection of zero- and first-party data
  2. Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection forcing marketers to take a holistic, cross-channel approach to measuring performance and selecting safe mailable audiences
  3. The pandemic-driven consumers behavior changes that reinforce the need for personalization, nimble build systems, and smooth, well-orchestrated omnichannel experiences

For a look at each of those mega-trends…

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Dyspatch: Interview with Chad S. White

Expert Email Marketing Advice from Chad S. White
  • What will email marketing look like in 2023, 2024, and beyond?
  • Do you think other inbox providers will adopt Mail Privacy Protection?
  • Should marketers pay attention to what subscribers say or do?
  • Will AMP for Email be a centerpiece of email marketing in 10 years?

Sepy Bazzazi, Growth Marketing Manager at Dyspatch, asked me those questions and more in an interview for the Dyspatch Blog. To see all of my answers

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Email Deliverability Warning Signs Heading into Holiday Season

The last thing email marketers want during the critical holiday season is deliverability problems, which is why many dedicate considerable time during the third quarter to getting their sender reputations and inbox placement rates as healthy as they can get them. However, marketers are facing two unique challenges this year that may foreshadow greater than usual deliverability risks during the all-important fourth quarter.

  1. The 1-year anniversary of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection
  2. A ‘tidal wave’ of listings from the world’s largest blocklist operator, Spamhaus

For a full breakdown of both of those issues by Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Heather Goff…

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10 More Common Email Marketing Mistakes - And Solutions

Email marketing is a complicated interplay of tactics and strategies, and it’s easy to make mistakes. I recently wrote about 10 common email marketing mistakes that are easy to fix, and now I’d like to share another 10 common mistakes with fixes that are slightly more involved, but still very much worth your attention.

  1. Allowing errors to slip through
  2. Not setting default values for personalization
  3. Using a no-reply email address
  4. Not using responsive email design
  5. Using a one-size-fits-all send time
  6. Only A/B testing your broadcast campaigns
  7. Ignoring the natural rate of return
  8. Not sending your welcome email immediately
  9. Sending your email in the wrong language
  10. Not optimizing for dark mode

For a discussion of each of those mistakes and how to fix them…

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The Last Word on August 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

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The Last Word on July 2022