How Much Harder Has Email Marketing Become?

How Much Harder Has Email Marketing Become?

I celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the 1st edition of my book, Email Marketing Rules, last month by releasing an updated and greatly expanded 4th edition. A few stats:

  • The 4th edition has 53% more must-follow and recommended rules than the 1st edition (184 vs. 120)
  • The 4th edition’s glossary contains 143% more terms (282 vs. 116)
  • The 4th edition is more than three times longer (677 pages vs. 214), and broken out into two volumes—one focused on the 184 rules and the other focused on strategic frameworks and checklists

That begs the question: Has email marketing become 50% more difficult? Or, heaven forbid, 200% more difficult?

The answer to that second question, thankfully, is a resounding No. However, the answer to that first question is absolutely Yes.

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