7 Ways to Get More Email Clicks in the Age of MPP

How to Get More Email Clicks in the Age of MPP

By flooding email service providers with auto-generated opens, Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) has substantially devalued email opens and dramatically increased the value of the next most common email action—clicks.

In the wake of MPP, clicks have become much more important in two critical areas of email marketing. First, clicks have become central to engagement-based algorithms, such as send time optimization and subject line optimization tools, which were previously almost entirely focused on opens. At the same time, auto-generated opens are now typically ignored by these algorithms. So, generating more clicks from your subscribers helps boost the performance of these engagement-based algorithms, which themselves in turn help deliver more clicks.

And second, marketers are using clicks more actively to manage inactive subscribers. Despite Apple’s move to obscure opens from senders, inbox providers still want brands to only send to recipients who are engaged. And good deliverability is just as important as it’s always been to email marketing success.

The good news here is that Oracle Marketing Consulting has discovered with our clients that a click is twice as strong as an open in terms of qualifying a subscriber as safe to mail. So, while a subscriber might, say, be safe to email if they opened at least one of a brand’s emails in the past 180 days, they’d be safe to mail for 360 days if they clicked. The bad news is that clicks are still far too rare a signal for most brands.

To drive higher click rates, brands need to use a range of strategies that span multiple stages of the Email Subscriber Lifecycle, from acquisition and onboarding through the stages of engagement. Here are seven areas of opportunity.

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