Email & Coffee Podcast: ‘The Strategy Comes First’

Coffee & Email podcast

I join Joi Brooks, the host of the Email & Coffee Podcast, to chat about email marketing strategy. During our conversation, we talk about…

  • Email marketing education
  • The biggest design tip to drive results
  • Building interest and nurturing B2B leads
  • Desiloing marketing and omnichannel customer behavior
  • The critical zero stage of email interactions
  • How to create great customers
  • Focusing your email content on the HOW, not the WHAT
  • How too many marketers settle for “good enough” results
  • The need for a broad understanding of email marketing, even among specialists
  • The evolution and expansion of email marketing
  • Generative AI
  • The tension between personalization and privacy
  • Data collection, behavioral signal strength, and avoiding creepiness
  • Return on touch
  • And much more!

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