Creating & Maintaining Effective Automated Campaigns

Creating & Maintaining Effective Automated Campaigns

Automations are among the highest performing campaigns a brand can send, dramatically outperforming broadcast campaigns. That’s despite typically representing less than 5% of a brand’s campaign volume, and receiving far less attention than they deserve considering their contributions to revenue versus other campaigns.

For instance, triggered and transactional emails generate 20% or more of email marketing revenue for 74% of brands, according to an Oracle Marketing Consulting survey. An astonishing 18% of brands generate the majority of their email marketing revenue from their automations.

Yet, despite that incredibly high performance, marketers chronically underinvest in their automated campaigns, depriving their organizations of even more stellar returns from these messages.

What would you need to do to seize this opportunity? What tasks would you perform if you wanted to dedicate time to your automated campaigns that was more proportional to revenue they’re generating for your marketing program? Making the most of your opportunities with automation requires the prioritization of a set of tasks that evolves as your program becomes more sophisticated.

We see there being five primary sets of tasks, with less sophisticated programs focusing more on the first few tasks and more sophisticated programs the last few…

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