Dyspatch: Interview with Chad S. White

Expert Email Marketing Advice from Chad S. White
  • What will email marketing look like in 2023, 2024, and beyond?
  • Do you think other inbox providers will adopt Mail Privacy Protection?
  • Should marketers pay attention to what subscribers say or do?
  • Will AMP for Email be a centerpiece of email marketing in 10 years?

Sepy Bazzazi, Growth Marketing Manager at Dyspatch, asked me those questions and more in an interview for the Dyspatch Blog. To see all of my answers

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Email Deliverability Warning Signs Heading into Holiday Season

The last thing email marketers want during the critical holiday season is deliverability problems, which is why many dedicate considerable time during the third quarter to getting their sender reputations and inbox placement rates as healthy as they can get them. However, marketers are facing two unique challenges this year that may foreshadow greater than usual deliverability risks during the all-important fourth quarter.

  1. The 1-year anniversary of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection
  2. A ‘tidal wave’ of listings from the world’s largest blocklist operator, Spamhaus

For a full breakdown of both of those issues by Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Heather Goff…

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10 More Common Email Marketing Mistakes - And Solutions

Email marketing is a complicated interplay of tactics and strategies, and it’s easy to make mistakes. I recently wrote about 10 common email marketing mistakes that are easy to fix, and now I’d like to share another 10 common mistakes with fixes that are slightly more involved, but still very much worth your attention.

  1. Allowing errors to slip through
  2. Not setting default values for personalization
  3. Using a no-reply email address
  4. Not using responsive email design
  5. Using a one-size-fits-all send time
  6. Only A/B testing your broadcast campaigns
  7. Ignoring the natural rate of return
  8. Not sending your welcome email immediately
  9. Sending your email in the wrong language
  10. Not optimizing for dark mode

For a discussion of each of those mistakes and how to fix them…

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The Last Word on August 2022

The Last Word

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

Did Email Just Defeat Social Media for Good? (Unemployable)

B2B Digital Marketing Trends: Top Channels and Tactics for 2022 (MarketingProfs)

Five Things Your Email Marketer Wants You to Know (Email Snarketing)

Are Surveys Transactional Emails? (Kickbox)

Gmail Is Now Officially Allowed to Spam-Proof Politicians’ Emails (The Verge)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

Nordstrom, 8/3 – 5 summer must-haves for casual days
Wegmans Catering on Meals 2GO, 8/13 – 3 Must-Haves for Your Summer Party
Eddie Bauer, 8/13 – ☀️ Summer Fun In Lightweight Basics 🏖️
The Nuts.com Family, 8/18 – Today’s Spotlight: Single Serve Snacks For School✨
Dick’s Sporting Goods, 8/3 – 💰 SAVE on school style! Up to 50% off won’t last long…
Express, 8/5 – We brought in celeb stylists to spill the scoop on fall’s top trends 😍
Big Lots, 8/28 – Up to 25% OFF Halloween Décor? That’s a Hallo-WIN 🎃
West Elm, 8/3 – JUST in! Subtly spooky fall decor
Williams Sonoma, 8/4 – Pumpkin favorites are BACK!
Wegmans, 8/25 – The Season’s Best Tomatoes are Here!
Lane Bryant, 8/5 – The bra that launched 1000s of blissed-out sighs.
Lane Bryant, 8/13 – These jeans? The most iconic yet.
Express, 8/20 – The pant that broke the internet.
Saks Fifth Avenue, 8/27 – These took over everyone’s Wishlist this week
GapCash, 8/21 – Y2K SAYS HEY
Panera Bread, 8/25 – “Yeah, I cook”. Pulls out a Panera® Flatbread Pizza
Zales, 8/18 – 👰 Here Comes The Bridal Sale!
IKEA, 8/17 – Chad, our new collection is all about pausing and reflecting
IKEA, 8/31 – Better days start with smart routines
Gap, 8/4 – 2 ways to shop = 40% OFF on our app -OR- 30% OFF online
Petco, 8/13 – Save 10% on in-store pickup orders today!

New posts on EmailMarketingRules.com

12 Trends a-Trending: What to Plan for This Holiday Season

Best Days to Send Email Marketing Campaigns This Holiday Season

How to Launch a Successful Holiday Campaign

Optimizing Email Marketing Calls-to-Action: A 4-Point Plan

Messaging during Recessions: 3 Opportunities for Marketers

The Last Word on July 2022

Email Newsletters: The New Best Practices

Email Newsletters: 9 New Best Practices

Nothing in email marketing is static, because ESP technology, inbox providers, and—most importantly—consumers are constantly changing. That change extends to the email newsletter, a mainstay of B2B marketing.

To get a read on the latest newsletter trends, I spoke with our Creative Services and B2B teams here at Oracle Marketing Consulting about what they were doing when they overhauled our clients’ newsletters. Consider this your guide to the new best practices for email newsletters. Here are their top recommendations:

  1. Use single-column layouts
  2. Adopt modular email architecture
  3. Personalize content
  4. Tease content
  5. Create read magnets
  6. Make your designs inclusive and accessible
  7. Differentiate your sender names
  8. Write descriptive subject lines
  9. Borrow from B2C email designs

For a discussion of each of these new best practices…

>> Read the full guest column on MarketingProfs.com

12 Trends a-Trending: What to Plan for This Holiday Season

This year’s holiday season is shaping up to be as dynamic and turbulent as the past few have been. But knowing what to expect and proper planning can help make the best of another tough holiday season.

Here are our predictions for 12 trends to account for in your holiday campaign planning process:

  1. Plan for high inflation to persist
  2. Recession fears will heighten shoppers’ concerns
  3. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) growing in usage
  4. Supply chains will remain troublesome
  5. Continued pressure to reduce online returns
  6. In-store sales to continue rebounding
  7. Full impact of Apple’s MPP will be felt
  8. Early start to holiday season reinforced further
  9. Veterans Day likely to be affected by elections
  10. Marquee shopping days flattening out
  11. BOPIS & curbside key to final week of season
  12. Adopt more holistic performance measurement

For a full discussion of each of those trends…

>> Read the entire post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

>> Watch the companion on-demand webinar

The Best Days to Send Email Campaigns This Holiday Season

This good news for this holiday season is that pandemic concerns are easing, which should see many more consumers return to stores for their gift-buying needs. The bad news is that the worst inflation in more than a generation has lots of shoppers in a recession state of mind. That is just one of several major challenges facing B2C brands as they plan their holiday email marketing campaigns.

In this blog post, Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Clint Kaiser talks about:

  • The effects of inflation on holiday shoppers
  • Mail Privacy Protection’s anniversary
  • Accounting for in-store sales rebound

And then he shares an infographic that summarizes how all of this is likely to affect B2C brands’ holiday email marketing strategies and offers notable trends and benchmarks from recent holiday seasons.

>> See the infographic on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

How to Launch a Successful Holiday Campaign

I join Mailmodo CEO Aquibur Rahman on the Growth Chat Podcast to talk about holiday planning, as well as how I got my start in email marketing. I share some of the advice from our Holiday Marketing Quarterly series and discuss a wide range of issues, including:

  • How email marketing amplifies existing demand
  • How planning for the holidays is a year-round effort
  • How consumer behaviors change during the holiday season
  • The kinds of messaging and designs that perform well during the holidays
  • How the battle for holiday attention is already underway today
  • What happens to email engagement during the holidays
  • How automation is the secret star of the holidays
  • How email marketing can prepare for the holidays now
  • Progressive profiling during the holidays
  • How to do A/B testing to give yourself a holiday advantage
  • The best times to send during the holidays

To learn about those issues and many more…

>> Listen to the Growth Chat on Mailmodo.com

Optimizing Email Marketing Calls-to-Action- A 4-Point Plan

Email marketers have historically paid a lot of attention to subject line testing, eager to drive higher open rates. But in the age of Mail Privacy Protection, where many opens are being obscured, it’s time for marketers to refocus some of their A/B testing zeal on calls-to-actions to drive much needed clicks.

In working with our clients, we’ve used the following 4-point plan to break down their CTA usage and identify optimization opportunities. Tommy Hummel, Analytics Manager for Analytic & Strategic Services at Oracle Marketing Consulting, walks you through each step…

>> Read the entire post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

Messaging during Recessions- 3 Opportunities for Marketers

Regardless of whether the US is technically in a recession already or not, the majority of Americans have been under increasing economic pressure for a while already due to the highest inflation in 40 years, which is dramatically eroding their purchasing power. Despite the fact that many of the forces driving inflation are well outside of the Federal Reserve’s sphere of influence—the pandemic, the national housing shortage, Russia’s war against Ukraine, snarled global supply chains, etc.—the Fed is committed to additional steep rate hikes. Higher interest rates on mortgages, credit cards, and other loans will reduce economic activity, almost guaranteeing a recession by the end of next year.

In the meantime, marketers need to make the best of the current circumstances by tuning into consumers’ economic anxieties and concerns. Here are three strategies to consider…

>> Read the entire article on CMSWire.com


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