3 Benefits of a Customer Data Platform

3 Benefits of a Customer Data Platform

Many brands are excitedly exploring ways to deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their omnichannel experiences. However, most are quickly discovering serious limitations on their ability to move forward because of how scattered and fractured their customer data is.

It’s not hard to understand how we got to this place. Not only do customers interact with corporations through many different contexts and channels, but the operational platforms that manage those channels typically aren’t designed to communicate with each other or to access or assess customer data very well.

In order to make use of customer data to drive engagement and satisfaction, another kind of solution is required, one specifically architected to receive data from each of these operational platforms, standardize that data, interrelate it, and make it accessible. That solution is the customer data platform (CDP).

Let’s talk about the three major benefits that CDPs deliver.

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