Unlocking the Benefits of a Customer Data Platform [with on-demand webinar]

Unlocking the Benefits of a Customer Data Platform

Marketers know they need to better manage and mobilize their customer data if they’re going to be competitive in the future. They know this is becoming more critical as third-party cookies sunset, as consumer expectations for great omnichannel experiences rise, and as data-hungry AI becomes woven into operations. And they’re pretty sure that a customer data platform (CDP) is the foundational piece that they need.

However, many face a litany of challenges in getting one implemented. Those challenges include:

  • Confusion around exactly what a CDP is and isn’t
  • Understanding the most popular and powerful uses cases for a CDP
  • Getting buy-in for a CDP

This post includes a 48-minute on-demand webinar that discusses all three of those challenges, but also discusses at length that last challenge around getting buy-in and working with various stakeholders to get a CDP implemented and running successfully.

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