Subject Line Writing: 6 Trends that Are Driving Strategy Changes

6 Ways that Subject Line Writing Has Changed

Have your subject line writing strategies and tactics kept up with the times? Check and see if you’re accounting for these six changes in subject line writing, going from the oldest to the newest trend:

  1. Subject lines need to work with preview text.
  2. Subject lines can include many more visual elements.
  3. Subject lines need to demonstrate contextuality, when it exists.
  4. Machine learning can help write subject lines.
  5. Voice-assistants are now reading our subject lines.
  6. Brands may need to write alternative subject lines, if they’re using Email Annotations.

Some of Oracle Marketing Cloud Consultings copywriters—including Lizette Resendez, Monica McClure, and Kelly Moran—help break down each of these trends. They share examples and advice on how marketers can adapt their subject line writing to each of these trends.

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