Sinch CX Education Podcast: Bridging the Gap between Omnichannel Marketing & CX

Sinch CX Education Podcast- Bridging the Gap between Omnichannel Marketing & CX

“We are constantly chasing consumer expectations, and omnichannel is a big one where we’ve been way behind for a very long time, so the urgency to catch up is real.” That’s a snippet from my conversation with Sinch CX Education Podcast host Gwen Lafage, where we focus on embracing an omnichannel marketing philosophy and strategy.

During our 43-minute conversation, we talk about:

  • Email marketing’s popularity, as well as what confuses marketers about the channel
  • The biggest changes and challenges facing digital marketers
  • The difference between multichannel and omnichannel
  • Why brands need to improve their omnichannel marketing capabilities
  • The value and role of different channels in an omnichannel strategy
  • How to get started becoming more omnichannel

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