Evolving Your Account-Based Marketing Program [with on-demand webinar]

Evolving Your Account-Based Marketing Program

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing and sales approach that focuses on a small number of high-value accounts rather than trying to market to a huge number of potential customers across an entire industry. With this focus, brands then send these accounts highly tailored marketing content and sales outreach to close the initial sale and then grow the account.

Because of that, the best candidates for ABM are brands:

  • With sales organizations
  • With a limited market and relatively small potential customer count
  • Who sell products or services where several stakeholders are involved in the buying decisions
  • Who have large average deal sizes and long sales cycles
  • Who have opportunities to cross- and up-sell their existing customers

These requirements have made account-based marketing a long-time favorite of many B2B brands, as well as some B2C brands who want to serve their high-value customers better through concierge marketing. However, what has worked for ABM programs in the past isn’t necessarily working today. Businesses and technology have evolved in recent years, so account-based marketing practices need to evolve as well.

In the accompanying 47-minute on-demand webinar, we discuss account-based marketing’s evolution, the functionality you need to do ABM effectively, and share some case studies from Eloqua clients who are doing ABM successfully. However, in the remainder of this post, we highlight major steps in ABM’s progression, including what’s driving the future of ABM.

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