The Biggest Email Marketing Opportunities for B2B Brands

The Biggest Email Marketing Opportunities for B2B Brands

B2B marketers have tons of upside opportunities to improve their email marketing programs. That’s the positive spin on one of the central findings of the inaugural State of Email Trends report from Litmus and Oracle Digital Experience Agency, which found that B2B brands have adopted a wide range of email marketing trends at substantially lower rates than B2C brands.

I know B2B brands don’t like to be compared to B2C brands. Some think it’s unfair, while others think it’s just inappropriate. Apples and oranges.

However, I’ll confess I think the differences are more like apples and pears at this point. For example, B2B brands used to have very different deliverability circumstances because most businesses ran their own email servers. Today, lots of businesses use G Suite or Office 365, which use the same spam filtering algorithms and email rendering engines as consumer inboxes and Plus, lots of employees access their work email via Apple Mail and other mobile email apps consumers use, too. And since every B2B customer and prospect is also a consumer, the experiences they have with B2C brands affect their expectations for how B2B brands should treat them.

I’m not denying there aren’t significant differences between B2B and B2C businesses, but they have shrunk over time and don’t justify the differences in adoption of email marketing elements, tactics, and technologies we found in our research. Again, that means B2B brands have many opportunities to take advantage of that can boost the performance of their programs.

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