The Pros and Cons of AMP for Email

AMP for Email: The Pros and Cons for Marketers

Subscribers expect email content to cater to their individual needs and circumstances. They have the same expectations of email design, which is why we’ve spent the better part of the past decade making our emails mobile-friendly.

Email interactivity and now AMP for Email are the next waves in this tidal trend of creating individually compelling email experiences based on each subscriber’s behavior and email reading environment.

While AMP for Email offers many benefits, there are challenges, as Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Henry Alva, Heather Goff, and Jennifer Lancaster Dana explain. Those challenges include:

  • Marketers need to learn the AMP for Email coding language.
  • It requires a new MIME type to be written and QAed.
  • It requires email service providers to support the new MIME type.
  • To render this MIME type, Google requires that senders maintain a positive Gmail sending reputation.
  • It will change subscriber behavior and metrics.
  • AMP for Email may fail.

To learn more about these challenges, as well as all the benefits of AMP for Email…

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