Digital Marketing Domination podcast: Optimizing Email Campaigns

Digital Marketing Domination podcast: Optimizing Email Campaigns with Chad S White

What’s a good open rate? A good click rate? What metrics should businesses be focusing on? And how can they increase them?

I join Digital Marketing Domination podcast host Jamil Zabaneh to talk about how businesses can optimize their email marketing results, and much more. Here’s a rundown of our conversation during the 24-minute podcast:

2:28 – What metrics should email marketers be looking at?
4:50 – The 4 different email marketing program business models
7:23 – Some of the important KPIs for a lead-driven email marketing program
9:05 – How often should you email your subscribers?
10:15 – How much is too much in terms of email frequency?
11:25 – What’s a good email engagement rate?
13:40 – A/B testing philosophies and where to focus your tests
16:46 – The importance of integrating email marketing with other marketing channels
21:10 – The Rule of 7 and building a critical mass of messaging across channels
22:42 – The need to stay active and engaged in the email marketing community

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