Webinar Recording + Q&A: Key Insights from a Year of State of Email Research

Key Insights from a Year of State of Email Research

If you didn’t have time to read all of the hundreds of pages worth of reports and research insights that came out of our 2018 State of Email Survey, you’re in luck: We’ve condensed the key stats, trends, and takeaways from all our research into a single webinar. In this webinar, I…

3 Reasons Brands’ Email Marketing KPIs Are Overly Focused on Engagement

Email Marketing KPIs: 3 Reasons Brands Are Overly Focused on Engagement

Email success looks different to different kinds of companies because they don’t all have the same business models and goals. This was made clear when we asked nearly 400 marketers what their email marketing key performance indicators are. The vast majority indicated that clicks and opens are key. Half said conversions are….

Total Retail: Email Marketing’s ROI – Three Insights for Retailers

Email Marketing’s ROI: 3 Insights for Retailers

Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels, generating a 38-to-1 return on investment across all industries, according to Litmus’ Email Marketing ROI: The Factors That Lead to Better Returns whitepaper. Companies in the retail and consumer goods and services industries generate email marketing ROIs nearly as high, getting 37 times…

Report: 2018 State of Email Analytics

2018 State of Email Analytics

Brands use analytics to listen to what their subscribers and inbox providers are telling them. Without analytics, brands are deaf to both their cheers of happiness and their shouts of frustration. Based on our State of Email Survey of 3,000 marketers, our first-ever State of Email Analytics report takes a detailed look…

Email Interactivity: Opportunities and Challenges

Interactive Email’s Opportunities and Challenges

Enthusiasm for email interactivity is at an all-time high. Marketers told Litmus that creating interactive email experiences was going to be the biggest design trend of 2018, and that’s a year after marketers declared that 2017 is the year of interactive email. Marketers are right to be excited. Allowing subscribers to click…

The Financial Brand: 6 Strategic Trends Reshaping the Future of Email Marketing in Banking

6 Strategic Trends Reshaping the Future of Email Marketing in Banking

Email remains the workhorse of digital marketing. But how do companies in the banking industry create email campaigns that increase conversions, drive more traffic to your website, and generate more sales? In this post, Bill Streeter, Editor at The Financial Brand, discusses six big email marketing trends, sharing insights from several email…

The Good News and the Bad News about Email Marketing’s ROI

The ROI for Email Marketing: The Good News and the Bad News

Email marketing’s return on investment is 38:1 on average, according to a Litmus survey of 372 marketers worldwide. That’s both good news and bad news… [Tweet this] The good news is… That’s a ringing endorsement of email’s acceptance among consumers, its targeting and personalization capabilities, and its business utility. By most measures,…

Holistic Email Metrics Matrix Helps You See the Whole Picture

Holistic Email Metrics Matrix: Are you seeing the whole picture?

Email analytics are powerful… and also dangerous. Used correctly, analytics can inform both wise strategic decisions and smart tactical improvements. Used incorrectly, analytics give you complete confidence to make bad decisions. Unfortunately, there are lots of ways to reach the wrong conclusions with analytics, including: Being overly focused on campaign metrics like…

Webinar Recording + Q&A: Email Tactics Customers Hate

Email Tactics Customer Hate webinar recording

There’s a disconnect in today’s email marketing technology. While some tactics are helping brands get closer to their customers, others are undermining their return on investment by pushing customers away. For instance, 17% of brands are buying email addresses to grow their list and reach new prospects. However, many of those brands…

20 Things Successful Email Marketing Programs Do

20 Things Successful Email Marketing Programs Do

While it’s difficult to fail at email marketing, success can be elusive. Shifting consumer behaviors and expectations, new technologies, improving cross-channel integration, changing anti-spam and privacy laws, evolving inbox provider capabilities—all can make getting ahead a huge challenge. Less than 10% of marketers say their email programs are very successful, according to…


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