91 Days Success Podcast: Email Marketing Unleashed

91 Days Success Podcast: Email Marketing Unleashed

I join Jonathan Mast, the host of the 91 Days Success Podcast, to chat about how to use email marketing wisely, strategically, and productively. During the 50-minute podcast, we talk about:

  • How I got my start in email marketing
  • Why I wrote the 1st edition of Email Marketing Rules
  • Why I’ve now released four editions of it and what’s new about the 4th edition
  • Why email marketing is still important to businesses
  • How email marketing’s high ROI leads many brands to settle for “good enough” results
  • What metrics should marketers be using to measure success
  • How email marketing can be used to build stronger, more productive customer relationships
  • The evolution of email personalization: small-p personalization vs. big-P personalization
  • The role of generative AI, both in the short-term and long-term
  • The kinds of mistakes that brands regularly make with email marketing
  • How to optimize subject lines
  • How to get more out of automated campaigns
  • How to avoid having your emails blocked or junked
  • The perils of buying email addresses
  • What I’d do if I had to start over and rebuild my email marketing consulting career

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