Mailgun Podcast: Silver Linings in Omnichannel Marketing

Mailgun podcast - Silver Linings in Omnichannel Marketing

“Deliverability and strategy are inexorably intertwined. Deliverability sets the floor for what we need to achieve.” That was just one of the things I said during my time on Email’s Not Dead podcast with Mailgun’s Jonathan Torres, Eric Trinidad, and Nick Schafer.

During our conversation, which focused heavily on deliverability and performance measurement, we also talked about:

  • Spamhaus becoming much more active
  • How Mail Privacy Protection is impacting the industry
  • Whether other inbox providers will adopt policies similar to MPP
  • The value of clicks and how to get more of them
  • The need for re-permissioning
  • The silver lining of MPP

To hear about all of those topics…

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