One Year Later: How Mail Privacy Protection Has Impacted Marketers

One Year Later: How Mail Privacy Protection Has Impacted Marketers

Sept. 20 marked the 1-year anniversary of Apple’s launch of Mail Privacy Protection, which has affected everything from email performance measurement to deliverability to email design. Despite the far-reaching nature of these impacts, the results of Oracle Marketing Consulting polls over the past year show that marketers are getting a grip on managing them.

Most notably, the percentage of marketers who say that MPP has extensively impacted their email marketing program has fallen from a high of 33% at the beginning of this year to just 6% last month. The majority of those who were seeing extensive impacts have managed those issues to the point where the impacts are now only significant.

The overall decline in impact is likely attributable to the availability of advice on how to adapt to MPP, as well as a general decrease in anxiety about the change over time. And the distribution of impact likely maps to the size of the respondents’ email programs, with smaller senders being less affected by MPP and larger senders more affected.

The variations are also likely the result of brands being less or more affected by how MPP has affected email analytics, deliverability, and design. Let’s go into more detail about how it has impacted each of those areas of email marketing.

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