Register for the webinarOver 50% of emails today are opened on mobile devices. Savvy email marketers are implementing a mobile first strategy focused on providing a consistent, personalized customer journey that drives both online and offline conversions from email, including calls and in-store visits.

Join me and my fellow panels—Sigstr VP of Customer Success David Duke and Invoca Director of Product Marketing Paul Rudwall—on Oct. 11 at 2pm ET as we discuss the newest and most effective tactics to drive more conversions from email, including:

  • Tactics to create a mobile-first email experience
  • Tales of success from leading email marketers
  • Tools to measure all conversions from email, and get credit for all the calls that your email campaigns are driving
  • Tips to leverage caller data, to provide better email segmentation and a more personalized customer journey

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Read the full article on MarketingProfs.comEmail is a great medium for connecting with leads and customers. But when your list becomes bloated with bad addresses and inactive subscribers, your deliverability can be in serious jeopardy.

Here are four types of offending addresses and how to deal with each of them effectively:

  1. Invalid Email Addresses. These addresses are unmailable, which means they don’t match any existing email accounts.
  2. Spam Traps. All spam traps pose risks to marketers, but the most harmful are pristine spam traps—email addresses created by inbox providers and blacklisting organizations to identify spammers.
  3. Role-based Email Addresses. These include departmental addresses, such as “” or “”
  4. Inactive Subscribers. These fall into two categories: never-actives and chronic inactives. Never-actives are new subscribers who haven’t engaged with any of your emails; chronic inactives have opened and clicked through your messages in the past, but they have since ignored them for several months or longer.

For a detailed discussion of each of these…

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30 Must-Subscribe Brands

30 Must-Subscribe BrandsWhich brands do you think have the most inspiring email marketing programs? We asked more than 900 email marketers that question and then shared their top 25 must-subscribe brands in our 2016 State of Email Design report.

We also did video interviews with four speakers from The Email Design Conference, asking them to pick their must-subscribe brands and explain why. They named five more brands—bring our total to 30—and there were some clear themes around these brands doing personalization and interactivity really well.

To watch the video and see the list of must-subscribe brands…

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Many Email Marketing Mistakes Going UndetectedOur 2016 State of Email Production report found that 31.6% of marketers hadn’t halted a single email send in the past 12 months and that 49.4% hadn’t sent a single apology or correction email. At first, we were very impressed by these brands.

However, as we dug into the data, we became increasingly concerned. That’s because the marketers who weren’t halting or sending apologies appear to be significantly less sophisticated and fewer safeguards in place than marketers who were halting sends and sending apologies.

Our conclusion? Most marketers are making apology-worthy mistakes. But only half of them are aware of the mistakes they’re making.

In this infographic, we explore this issue and offer seven tips on how you can improve your visibility of email marketing mistakes.

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Why Measuring Subject Line Success by Opens Is All WrongMarketers understand that subject lines are incredibly important to the success of an email marketing program. However, what many marketers don’t understand is how to determine whether a subject line is successful or not.

You’ve probably heard people say that the goal of subject lines is to get opens; that the goal of an email’s body copy is to get clicks; and that the goal a landing page is to get conversions. That sounds really reasonable, but it’s misleading.

This kind of thinking leads marketers to believe that a higher open rate is better because it means they’ve opened the top of their funnel up wider and more people have seen their email’s message. And if more people enter the top of their funnel, then they have more opportunities to convince those people to take action. So they write subject lines with the aim of attracting as many openers as possible—often using vague, overly familiar, or even misleading subject lines to accomplish that.

But that’s an overly simplified view of how audiences work. It assumes that all opens are equal—and they’re not.

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Report: 2016 State of Email Design

2016 State of Email DesignDesigning an email isn’t like designing a webpage or print piece. There are both limitations and opportunities around what you can do with email design, and it’s up to email designers and coders to master both of those.

In the inaugural State of Email Design report, which is based on the responses of more than 900 marketers, we take a detailed look at how marketers:

  1. Search for email inspiration
  2. Use brand guidelines
  3. Approach email design
  4. Use various design elements
  5. Use one-off email designs
  6. A/B test their emails
  7. Handle email redesigns
  8. Manage landing page responsibilities

Use the results in this report to benchmark your own email designs and design processes, to identify opportunities where you can improve, and as evidence to argue for the need to try out new email marketing tactics and strategies.

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Read the full post on the Strands blogMost retailers are in serious planning mode for their holiday season promotional campaigns. We’ll start to see a sprinkling of holiday email marketing campaigns in the weeks ahead—and then holiday messaging will get going in earnest on Halloween and the days following.

In light of the planning that’s currently going on, Vaida Pakulyte of Strands asked me and five other experts for our best advice for retailers starting to create their holiday season campaigns. Here’s my advice:

Retailers that keep their messaging clear and compelling will do very well this holiday season. Simplicity wins when it comes to holiday broadcast messaging.

But increasingly, the biggest winners are determined by which brands have the best triggered emails–especially browse and cart abandonment emails. Targeting subscribers who browse without purchasing and add products to their cart without purchasing, respectively, these emails are incredibly effective at generating conversions.

Going into the holiday season, I highly recommend that you launch even simple versions of these emails, if you don’t currently have them. And if you’re already created these emails, then:

  1. Test them to make sure they still render and function as intended
  2. Look for opportunities to improve them through A/B testing between now and the end of October
  3. Consider adding seasonal imagery and messaging to make them more relevant to holiday shoppers
  4. Consider setting these emails to launch more quickly after abandonment since purchase consideration cycles are much faster during the holiday season

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Read all of Chad's Marketing Land columnsWhile at The Email Design Conference in Boston a few weeks ago, I tweeted a lot of great email marketing soundbites from the sessions, and saw a bunch of great ones from the sessions in the track I wasn’t in. Twitter is fantastic at delivering soundbites like these, but it’s horrible at conveying the larger context and details orbiting around these soundbites.

In my latest Marketing Land column, I discuss the deeper meaning behind the following quotes from The Email Design Conference:

“The time when emails had to be pixel-perfect is way behind us.” —Eric Lepetit, Email Lead Engineer, Manager, Nest (@ericlepetitsf)

“I want to do business with a company that treats emailing me as a privilege, not a transaction.” —Andrea Mignolo, Head of Design & UX, Movable Ink (@pnts)

“An Amazon email in your inbox should feel like an Amazon box on your doorstep.” —Vicky Ge, Product Manager II, Email Automation and Outbound Marketing Systems, Amazon (@vickymakesstuff)

“The right button isn’t what’s popular. It’s what’s tested.” —Mike Nelson, Co-founder, Really Good Emails (@mevlow)

“F#@&ups are learning opportunities.” —Russell Patton, Senior Email Deployment Specialist, Archer>Malmo

For a dive into the greater meaning behind these email marketing soundbites…

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The Last Word on August 2016

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

Everything You Wanted to Know About Email CTA Buttons (Really Good Emails)

Simple email subject lines are failing to engage consumers: stats (Econsultancy)

Teaching the Email Marketer How to Fish (Adobe)

An Alternative Theory (Rebelmail)

Engagement Rate Heralds Next Era Of Email Metrics (MediaPost)

Millennials + Email: How to Engage Email Natives (BrightWave)

Interview: Litmus CEO Paul Farnell on Microsoft partnership (EmailMarketingWeb)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

@remybergsma: @litmusapp @kenburbary with Delta Airlines outage, people interviewed said ‘I didn’t receive an email with the news!’ Nuff said. #adobechat

@iamelliot: 9 times out of 10, the solution to any email dev problem is “just add another table” #emailgeeks #tables4dayz

@RodriguezCommaJ: Modular design requires buy-in from everyone. Copywriters, designers, and coders all need to know what modules they can use. #LitmusLive

@tdnvl: “An Amazon email in your inbox should feel like an Amazon box on your doorstep.” @vickymakesstuff #LitmusLive #emailMarketing

@tatianatmac: “Design is the rendering of intent.” –@jmspool via @pnts #LitmusLive

@Listrak: 1/3 of shoppers took advantage of BOPIS (buy online, pick-up in store) in 2015 holiday season #ListrakTrends

@bestofjess: “The most important things don’t show up in analytics. I want a graph of hand-written thank you notes received & karma earned.” #contentjam

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GapKids, 8/18 — 2 inches taller? Try cute PJs that fit
Horchow, 8/1 — Need inspiration? We’ve got that!
Kate Spade, 8/13 — like? love!
Neiman Marcus, 8/12 — #onlyatNM evening dresses from Sachin & Babi Noir
Target, 8/28 — It’s #TargetRunDay! Get 10% off your purchase.
FansEdge, 8/24 — Avoid #FOMO. 25% Off Is Almost Over.
REI, 8/9 — Introducing REI Garage
Applebee’s, 8/2 — Chad, Download Our App and Save!
Ikea, 8/9 — Chad, the new 2017 IKEA Catalog is here!

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The Last Word on July 2016

Are Weekends The Secret Ingredient For Email Marketing?During my more than a decade of doing email marketing research, email volume during the weekend has always been significantly lower than during the weekdays. At the same time, response rates have always been higher during the weekend.

Yesmail’s latest research re-confirms this pattern and begs the question: Why has this disconnect persisted for so long? What’s keeping marketers from seizing the opportunity provided by sending weekend promotional emails?

I spoke to MediaPost reporter Jess Nelson about it, saying:

“Giving email marketers and other staff, such as legal, customer service, and social media teams, the incentives and support they need to work over the weekend is well worth investigating. Establishing policies such as flexible work hours and overtime pay for weekend and after-hours work can make this shift much easier.”

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