Is Mobile-Only Email Design Appropriate for My Brand?

The growth of mobile email reading upended email design a decade ago and gave rise to responsive email design, which is now the dominant approach to crafting emails. However, some brands now see so many mobile opens that they’re considering adopting mobile-only email design. Some pioneering brands already have.

This approach is a throwback to a simpler time. Just like email marketers used to create a single email design optimized for desktops, those who have embraced mobile-only design are creating a single email design optimized for mobile devices.

In this post, members of Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s Creative Services team discuss:

  • What mobile-only email design looks like and how its different from responsive email design
  • The 4 key advantages of using this design approach
  • How to determine is adopting a mobile-only design is appropriate for your brand given your audience
  • The 3 primary best practices of mobile-only email design

For the full discussion…

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The Last Word on December 2019

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

Email Mergers and Acquisitions 2019 (EmailExpert)

Interactive emails are a top trend, but is anyone using them? (Litmus)

The Loyalty Economy (Harvard Business Review)

Email Personalization & Design: What, How, & Why? (Featuring 10+ Email Experts) (Chamaileon)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

ModCloth, 12/31 – Count down 2019’s best looks.
Foot Locker, 12/31 —Say buh-bye to 2019 in the flyest kicks 🥳
Belk, 12/31 – Pop some bubbly, then save an extra 25%
Walgreens, 12/28 – FSA PSA: 25% off FSA-eligible items NOW!
Williams Sonoma, 12/28 – 5 essentials for a healthy 2020
Everlane, 12/26 – Choose What You Pay Is Here
Big Lots, 12/26 – Buy More, Save More: Post-Xmas edition!
Burlington, 12/25 – Wishing you the merriest of Christmases
Express, 12/25 – All is calm. All is bright. It’s ALL 50% off.
Banana Republic, 12/25 – The merriest day of the year is here ✨
MoMA Design Store, 12/19 – Self-Gifting is Self Love
Burlington, 12/22 — 🎅 ‘Tis the season to give…to yourself
Dick’s Sporting Goods, 12/22 – up to 50% Off Gifts for Them, Easy One Hour Pick Up for YOU!
Walmart, 12/23 — 🎁 That’s a wrap—LAST CHANCE for pickup orders!
Moosejaw, 12/23 – Order by 2pm EST to get it 12/24 🎄
Target, 12/22 – Need last-minute gifts today? Just use Order Pickup or Drive Up.
Quiksilver, 12/22 – Alright Procrastinators – We See You!
Saks Fifth Avenue, 12/12 – Our short list of gift picks (for when you’re short on time)
Nordstrom, 12/22 – Happy Hanukkah!
Bass Pro Shops, 12/14 – Stop by Santa’s Wonderland today!
REI, 12/12 – Shop Now & Be Done Sale: Up to 40% Off
Office Depot, 12/8 – Open For Early Green Monday Deals 💚
Lowe’s Home Improvement, 12/6 – 12 DAYS of CRAFTSMAN is HERE!
Everlane, 12/3 – Regifting? Bad. ReNew? Good.
Zales, 12/5 — 💋 Give Her the Gift That Says “You Are My Icon”
Michaels, 12/12 – Holly ✔️ Jolly ✔️ Throw a Christmas Party That Checks Every Box!
Williams Sonoma, 12/5 – Everything you need to be guest ready + 20% off one item
Neiman Marcus, 12/22 – For winter weddings
Applebee’s Grill + Bar, 12/12 – Win $500 Gift Card for your Ugly Sweater!
Macy’s, 12/6 – Today only: your letter to Santa has double the impact on kids in need!
Quiksilver, 12/6 – Men Who Ride Mountains

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From My Family to Yours, Happy Holidays!

Doing an Email Marketing Holiday Post-Mortem

Holiday Marketing Quarterly: First Quarter 2020 Checklist

Email Deliverability Quarterly: Gmail Spam Filter Changes, SparkPost Acquires eDataSource, and More

Properly Diagnosing Email Performance Problems

The Last Word on November 2019

From My Family to Yours, Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Doing an Email Marketing Holiday Post-Mortem

Doing an Email Marketing Holiday Post-Mortem

With the New Year shining brightly and full of promise ahead of us, most B2C marketers would love nothing more than to put the holiday season behind them and look ahead to Valentine’s Day and the spring season. We urge you to resist the temptation. Ensure that you learn the lessons of your Christmas Past so your Christmas Future is even better.

Here are several areas to explore as part of your holiday post-mortem, which you can not only review when you kick off the next holiday season campaign planning cycle, but will give you insights and action items that you can use right now:

  1. Analyze the performance of your holiday email campaigns
  2. Identify your successful campaigns
  3. Identify your unsuccessful campaigns
  4. Map the performance of your email campaigns by day
  5. Document any workflow issues that impacted email production
  6. Document any quality control and PR issues

For a full discussion of each of those holiday post-mortem action-items…

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

Oracle's Holiday Marketing Quarterly

Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives B2C brands a quarter-by-quarter checklist for how to achieve more during the critical holiday season with their email marketing and other digital marketing channels. Along with guidance on planning, strategy, and prioritization, you’ll get advice and tips from some of Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s more than 500 digital marketing experts.

Our first quarter guide contains a 27-point checklist and is focused on seizing opportunities, mitigating risks, learning from the just-passed holiday season, and starting to make the larger structural and programmatic changes necessary to succeed during the next holiday season. It covers six areas:

  1. Holiday Post-Mortems
  2. Seasonal Buyer Reactivations
  3. Email Deliverability Recoveries
  4. Automated Email Optimization & Growth
  5. Creative Refreshes
  6. Upgrades & Expansions of Your Tech Stack

For details on each of those areas…

>> Download the 14-page Q1 2020 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

Email Deliverability Quarterly: Gmail Spam Filter Changes, SparkPost Acquires eDataSource, and More

Email deliverability is constantly changing, as inbox providers adjust their filtering algorithms, blacklists tweak their listing criteria, and consumers evolve their definition of spam. That’s why even the best email marketing programs suffer deliverability problems sometimes.

To help you avoid trouble, the Email Deliverability Services team at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting shares the latest news and tips for what to watch out for in our latest Email Deliverability Quarterly.

In this post, Clea Moore and Brian Sullivan explain how the following news and events will impact marketers’ email deliverability:

  • Recent Gmail Spam Filter Changes
  • SparkPost Acquiring eDataSource
  • DigiCert Issues 1st Verified Mark Certificate, Giving Boost to BIMI
  • COPRA Bill Introduced in US Senate

For the full discussion of each of these issues…

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

The Last Word on November 2019

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

Twilio study finds consumers prefer email and text when communicating with brands (Marketing Land)

Research: Is A Picture Worth 1,000 Words Or 60,000 Words in Marketing? (Email Audience)

Animated PNGs in Email: An Alternative to GIFs? (Litmus)

Dynamic email in Gmail available on Android and iOS (G Suite Updates)

Towards LGPD and Beyond – Legal Bases for Email Marketing (Return Path)

Email Marketing and the 2020 Election (G2)

The Future of Email Marketing: 2020 Edition (emailmonday)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

Williams Sonoma, 11/5 – Williams Sonoma presents Thanksgiving with NBC’s TODAY!
HomeGoods, 11/8 – All you need for Friendsgiving feast!
Williams Sonoma, 11/23 – Are You Ready? Last Minute Thanksgiving Essentials: Up to 70% Off!
Olive Garden, 11/22 – 🦃 You get the turkey. We’ll get the sides.
REI, 11/5 – This Black Friday, Opt to Act #OptOutside
Target, 11/6 – Black Friday ad is here! 🎉
The Home Depot, 11/6 – {BLACK FRIDAY PRICES} Start Now
Lowe’s Home Improvement, 11/6 – Black Friday Appliance Savings – Just Got Better
Tractor Supply Company, 11/7 – ❗ TWO NEW DAILY DEALS + Shop Black Friday Prices Now!
Michaels, 11/7 – Seriously! We’re Announcing Black Friday Prices on Trees!
DICK’S Sporting Goods, 11/24 – Black Friday NOW, 20% Off Online & More!
West Elm, 11/24 – 🔶 Ends tonight 🔶 Pre-Black Friday Sale 🔶
Express, 11/23 – VIP access to Black Friday ⚫ Camis & Tanks you’ll love + Members get 50% off
Best Buy, 11/24 – This is how we do BLACK FRIDAY—EARLY. 💃
Zales, 11/22 – 😮 Did You Hear!? The Black Friday Sales is HERE! Save 30-50% Off Everything
Victoria’s Secret, 11/26 – Black Friday deals start now!
Office Depot, 11/27 – EARLY ACCESS to Black Friday is going on now!
Lane Bryant 11/4 – Our 🎄 holiday 🎄 collection 🎄 has 🎄 arrived!
Bass Pro Shops, 11/4 – Our Christmas gift guide has something for everyone on your list
West Elm, 11/5 – Whoaaaaa! Say hello to our Holiday Seating Event
Bed Bath & Beyond, 11/21 – 😴 Guest-ready: **ALL** Aerobed air mattresses on SALE! + $15 off $50 & 20% Off coupons are available
Neiman Marcus, 11/6 – Plan your holiday décor
Dollar General, 11/4 – Save big on holiday décor. 🎄
Michaels, 11/22 – 33 Days Until Christmas: Up to 50% Off Festive Decorations to Make Your Home a Wonderland!
Nordstrom, 11/23 – Holiday party dresses are here
Anthropologie, 11/27 – Yes, you can wear jeans to a party.
Banana Republic, 11/7 – Winterize your wardrobe with 40% off purchase
Burlington, 11/9 – Cold weather ahead: save on C O A T S
Nordstrom, 11/6 – Want the best boots of the season?
Lane Bryant, 11/22 – 🧥 🧣 Warm up with 30% off. 🧤 👢
Everlane, 11/7 – Introducing: Felted Merino
Neiman Marcus, 11/9 – The Fantasy Gifts | Experience them now
Banana Republic, 11/23 – Have an Insta-worthy sleep in our exclusive pajamas
Express, 11/23 – 50% OFF | Style picks from @laurabeverlin, the 👑 of cozy
Lane Bryant, 11/5 – Introducing Lane Rewards! Sign up today!
Gap, 11/21 – Do good. Feel good. Gift good.

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How to Turn Email Addresses on File into Opt-Ins

Lemonlight: 8 Experts Share Their Tips for Using Video in Email Campaigns

Optimizing Your Email Signup Forms to Maximize Your Email Audience Potential

A/B Testing: Where Marketers Go Wrong

Differentiate Your Messages with These Email From Name Extension Strategies

The Last Word on October 2019

Properly Diagnosing Email Performance Problems

When Good Enough Shouldn’t Be: Fixing Email Performance Problems

When faced with a problem, it’s easy to get sidetracked into focusing on superficial metrics or jump to conclusions, especially when it involves what appears to be a quick fix. Instead, marketers need to look beyond the obvious and easy, and ask deeper questions about email performance like:

  • What’s the core driver of the issue?
  • Are there multiple issues at work here?
  • What levers can I pull to mitigate or accelerate what’s happening?
  • What’s the best way to test my theories to come to a clear course of action?

In this post by Clint Kaiser, Head of Strategic Services for Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting, he breaks down some common email performance problems where it’s easy to misidentify the symptoms as the core problem rather than asking more questions and properly identifying the root cause. For instance, he discusses how to diagnose problems like…

  • “My open rates are bad and getting worse.”
  • “My click rates are bad and getting worse.”
  • “Inbox providers keep blocking or bulking my emails.”
  • “I have a lot of never-actives.”

For Clint’s recommendations on how to approach these email performance problems…

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

How to Turn Email Addresses on File into Opt-Ins

Maximizing Your Email Audience Potential: Turning Email Addresses on File into Opt-Ins

Everyone wants more subscribers who are regularly converting. While going out and attracting new, high-value subscribers is one path that every brand should explore, it’s also the most expensive. Thankfully, there are many other paths open to marketers to achieve their goals when they take a step-by-step approach to maximizing their email audience potential.

One of those approaches is to leverage the email addresses you have on file and try to get more of those folks to opt in for marketing emails. With an email address serving as a means of customer identification across much of the digital landscape, when you already know a person’s email address, it’s much easier to reach them than someone who hasn’t shared their email address with you yet. Mining your “un-reachable” email subscriber list can reveal several opportunities to engage these people and grow your business, both via the email channel and other channels.

In this post, Oracle Consultings Kaiti Gary explains how to evaluate your email addresses on file so you can identify the people who are the most promising candidates to approach. She then explains some of the direct and indirect ways you can reach these subscribers and try to get them to opt-in to receive your marketing emails.

For all the details on who to grow your email list by mining your non-opted-in addresses…

>> Read the full post on Oracles Modern Marketing Blog

8 Experts Share Their Tips for Using Video in Email Campaigns

Video is a steadily growing part of all marketing—especially short-form video. Make the most of this content by promoting it to your email subscribers. Along with seven other digital marketing experts, I recently shared my No. 1 tip for using video as part of an email marketing strategy with video production company Lemonlight.

My advice was to be sure to use a play button overlay and to explore animation, saying:

Among Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s clients, we see them promoting video content in their emails through static images with play button overlays and–increasingly–through animated gifs and CSS animation. While animation files can get heavy, the thoughtful selection of frames plus some file compression can create great video promos.

As Gareth Bull of Bulldog Digital Media and Jordie van Rijn point out that embedding video content inside an email still has limited support and isn’t ready for prime time. While I agree, I still hold out hope that this technical challenge will be overcome. After all, there’s considerable incentive for inbox providers to keep their users in the inbox, plus doing so reduces barriers to viewing videos, which helps senders. So it’s a win-win for inbox providers and marketers.

For everyone’s advice on using video in email campaigns…

>> Read the full post on the Lemonlight blog


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